Cambodia Entry 2022 Current entry regulations for the Khmer country

Entering Cambodia in 2022 is straightforward despite the Covid-19 pandemic. However, you need to organize some things and fulfill some mandatory conditions before you start your trip.

In this article we explain which entry requirements for Cambodia apply for Germans, Austrians and Swiss in 2022 and which documents are required. In addition, we can help you choose an appropriate visa for Cambodia.

Important: We will keep this article up to date as far as possible. That said, please stay tuned to official sources such as the German Foreign Office for the latest news on Kambdozha entry requirements. Additionally, when planning your trip, be sure to check the transportation conditions of your airline and the conditions for your return trip to Germany.

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In this article we explain to you what you currently need to consider to enter Cambodia!

Cambodia entry 2022: We help you with your travel planning!

Overview: Cambodia entry

Entry to Cambodia is possible for vaccinated and unvaccinated people. Entry is possible with a visa applied for in advance or a visa on arrival. You may enter Cambodia by air, land and sea! Convalescents must still be fully vaccinated, or complete the entry for the unvaccinated.

The following Cambodia entry requirements are currently in effect:

Fully vaccinated:

  • Valid proof of complete vaccination according to WHO guidelines
  • All vaccines approved in Europe are accepted
  • Before departure to Cambodia, please note the different conditions of carriage of your airline!


  • Antigen rapid test after arrival (cost: 5$)
  • In case of negative test: Free travel
  • If test positive: 7 days quarantine in a quarantine hotel (fee required) or quarantine in own home
  • PCR test on day 7

Health Insurance for Cambodia

According to entry regulations, foreign health insurance is not mandatory for travel to Cambodia in 2022.

At the end of 2021, health insurance was still required to enter Cambodia, which Cambodia offered directly (Forte insurance). However, this mandatory insurance has been abolished.

A health insurance for Cambodia is still useful!

Long distance travel to Cambodia without appropriate health insurance poses a high risk to your health.

Medical treatments in Cambodia can be very expensive. Furthermore, without health insurance you run the risk of not being able to travel to Cambodia. not being treated optimally in case of an emergency.

We strongly recommend that you take out travel health insurance for your trip to Cambodia! We personally had good experiences with Barmenia and HanseMerkur travel health insurance* on our trips through Cambodia.

Health insurance for Cambodia: Our recommendation

Health insurance for Cambodia: Our recommendation

We help you to choose a good health insurance for Cambodia and give you valuable information about travel health insurances for trips to Cambodia and whole Southeast Asia.

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Cambodia Visa

For the entry to Cambodia you need a visa. You can either apply for the visa in advance or use the Visa on Arrival.

E-Visa Cambodia

Where to apply for Cambodia visa?

You can easily apply for a visa for Cambodia as an eVisa via the Internet:

Which documents do I need for the visa?

  • Passport (validity min. 6 months upon entry)
  • Current passport photo (digital)
  • Valid proof of vaccination
  • Our recommendation: Yellow vaccination book + EU vaccination certificate
  • Our recommendation
  • English proof of health insurance
  • Hotel booking

When should I apply for the visa?

The processing time for the Cambodia eVisa is currently approx. 5 working days. We recommend you to apply for the visa at least 14 days before departure to Cambodia!

How long may I stay in Cambodia with visa?

You are allowed to enter Cambodia once with the tourist e-visa and stay there for 30 days. The eVisa can be extended once for another 30 days in Phnom Penh and through numerous visa agencies in the country.

What does the Cambodia visa cost?

Visa on Arrival

Since 17.03.2022 Visa on Arrival will be issued again after arrival in Cambodia. You will receive the Visa on Arrival after arrival in Cambodia.

For this you need:

  • 30-40$ in cash
  • Filled out entry forms (you will receive them on the plane / at the border)
  • The previously required passport photo is no longer necessary. For further planned border crossings, a passport photo in your luggage can still be useful

The Visa on Arrival is valid for 30 days and can be extended once for another 30 days.

Important: We prefer to apply for the visa in advance, because you can be sure that everything works out upon entry and you save yourself the work upon entry.

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Cambodia Entry: Open airports

The entry to Cambodia is currently possible via the international airports in Phnom Penh, Sihanoukville and Siem Reap.

Cambodia entry by land and sea

Entry into Cambodia and exit overland is currently possible from and to Thailand, Vietnam and Laos.

Please always consider the entry requirements of the neighboring countries.

How to fly to Cambodia? Is a PCR test required for this?

From Europe, the best way to get to Cambodia is to fly via Singapore or Bangkok. For this, a fully booked ticket from your point of departure to Cambodia is advantageous.

Important: Possibly deviating conditions of carriage of your airline, transit regulations of the neighboring countries or entry regulations of the countries visited before consider!

What happens if I test positive in Cambodia?

If you test positive for Covid-19 in Cambodia, you must go to a government care or quarantine facility.

These include, for example, the Khmer-Soviet Friendship Hospital, the National Pediatric Hospital and the Kantha Bopha Hospital. 25 other facilities in different provinces can conduct tests and provide medical treatment.

If you have high-risk contact with Covid-19, you must also be quarantined.

Important: Regulations for what to do if you test positive for Covid-19 in Cambodia are unclear. In the end you have to follow all instructions in case of emergency. Conditions in quarantine facilities can be very basic!

Do I have to be vaccinated as a recovered person?

Those who have recovered must still be fully vaccinated to enter Cambodia, or complete the unvaccinated entry process.

Do children need to be vaccinated?

Gray area. Minors accompanied by parents do not need to be vaccinated, as long as the parents are vaccinated and allowed to enter Cambodia quarantine-free.

When minors enter the country accompanied by unvaccinated parents, the quarantine conditions for the unvaccinated parents also apply to the children.

As defined Cambodia fully vaccinated?

Anyone who is fully vaccinated according to WHO guidelines is considered fully vaccinated. Currently, for example, this is equivalent to two doses of MRNA vaccine or one dose of Johnson&Johnson's vaccine.

Mixed vaccinations are accepted for entry into Cambodia.

Can I fly to Cambodia with a one-way ticket?

Yes, this is possible. An onward travel ticket is not required to enter Cambodia.

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Checklist before departure: Cambodia entry

All done? Directly before departure to Cambodia you should check again all documents and bookings.

Please print all documents 2 times, because you have to hand in some copies in Cambodia. Digital proofs are not enough! However, you should also save all documents digitally on your smartphone. Cloud storage is very good for this purpose.

Please remember that proof of vaccination must be in English!

This checklist is for travelers 18 years of age and older who are fully vaccinated.

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