Tenerife culinary – beach, tapas & Volcanoes (2)

Before I tell you what it is like to walk on an extinct volcano, I will take you on a culinary journey of discovery through Tenerife. I tell you where you can get really good tapas on your plate in Puerto de la Cruz. And also friends of craft beer get their money's worth (at least a little bit).

During our stay we will mainly eat tapas. The small delicacies are offered in (almost) every restaurant. And luckily there is not only the famous Jamon. Because even if I remember it differently from my first visit to Barcelona over 20 years ago, there is always something for vegetarians and vegans as well.

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Cigar enjoyment on Usedom – How to Guide


Eat well, enjoy a wine and then relax with a cigar. Down-to-earth cuisine, warm hospitality and joie de vivre – that's what Usedom stands for. Culinary delights and a selection of fine wines are a nice way to start an evening. A special highlight for the demanding friends of excellent cuisine is the enjoyment of a cigar.

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Sabang: underground river, cracker thief and camera tricks

If you come to Palawan you should not miss the Underground River. Is the longest navigable underground river in the world extremely touristy? Yes. Must queue on site to get into a boat? Yes. Is it worth it? Yes, yes and again yes!

Saving tip

Tours to the river are also offered from Puerto Princesa. From Sabang, however, the tour is much cheaper, because you save the long drive to the cave. We paid for our guide, the boat and the entrance fee in total 1.300 Peso paid (ca. 26 Euro).

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Round trip through Scotland

Scotland, a beautiful country known for its interesting history and breathtaking scenery, has attracted many visitors over the years. Whether you're visiting for the dramatic mountains, glens and forests, the enchanting castles, the food or the proud and interesting people, you'll never forget it. If you are looking for an adventure or just want to relax and enjoy the scenery, Scotland is the place for you! We have prepared a round trip guide to help you make the most of your visit to Scotland.

1) Edinburgh

Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, has been the city's capital since the 15th century. The second most popular tourist destination in the United Kingdom in the twentieth century (right after London). This city, marked by a combination of ancient and modern, sits on a volcanic rock and its cobblestone streets are filled with museums and pubs. Start your tour in the Old Town and walk along the Royal Mile to one of the city's most famous landmarks, Edinburgh Castle. Be sure to check out the St. Visit Giles Cathedral and if you feel like walking, climb Calton Hill and Arthur's Seat and enjoy an incredible panoramic view of the city.

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Szczecin Food Guide: Pirogi, pies, gingerbread – 8 foodie tips for Szczecin

Down-to-earth, homemade, solid: these are the words to describe traditional Szczecin cuisine. In Szczecin, respectively. Sczezcin, as the city is called in Polish, is home to the classic pierogi and other Szczecin specialties. I've been exploring the city on the Oder River and share my culinary highlights from Szczecin with you. Smacznego – bon appetit!

1. The best pierogi in Szczecin

When in Poland…eat Pierogi! One of my first must-dos as soon as I set foot on Polish soil is a visit to a pierogarnia, a restaurant specializing in stuffed dumplings. In Szczecin, I go in search of the best pierogi in the city, but it turns out to be quite a task. Saturday afternoon: every restaurant is packed. On Sunday again many pierogi restaurants are closed. With a little patience and a few hangry crises later it works out and my three fellow travelers and I can get a table in the Pierogarnia Kaszubska Centrum.

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California road trip: San Francisco guide and food tips

San Francisco has been on my travel list for a very long time. But last year we decided rather by chance and very spontaneously for this destination. Because it should actually go to Cuba. We already wanted to pay a visit to Cuba as part of our trip around the world. But because the flights were too expensive (even from Brazil), we postponed it again and again. Last year I had already bought a Loose travel guide, asked for a vacation in March, the perfect travel period for Cuba, and was about to book a flight. We hesitated because of the unbelievably expensive airfares and our hate airline Condor. So we just couldn't bring ourselves to push the "book" button.

Out of curiosity I looked one day for flights to San Francisco. A friend of mine lives there with her husband and child and we also wanted to visit her during our trip around the world. And lo and behold: The flights from Frankfurt to San Francisco and from L.A. back again with United Airlines were just half as expensive as the flights to Cuba. So we booked a vacation to America.

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Taubenkobel: The coolest restaurant in the world

"The coolest place to eat in 2016 worldwide" – This is how the US business magazine Forbes describes the unique concept of the restaurant belonging to the exclusive hotel collection Relais& The Taubenkobel restaurant, which belongs to Chateaux, to the point. The coolest restaurant in the world in a small town called Schutzen am Gebirge – can it really be?? But yes, says our author Christian Euler..

Taubenkobel coolest restaurant in the world

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