My top apps for backpacking in Germany

Apps for backpacking in Germany

In the past, backpackers were often left to their own devices. This has always been one of the main goals of backpacking. Switching off, getting to know new countries and cultures, spontaneously changing travel routes, and all this with the help of travel guides and the experiences of other travelers. Thanks to increasing digitalization, it is now possible to use a variety of apps to make traveling much easier. When I'm backpacking in Germany, I use a few apps to make my travel easier. I would like to briefly present these to you below.

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Devil’s Gorge Nature Park – Between rocks and enchanted forests

Enchanted surreal stone formations, the mist lies gently over the meadows and one feels like in a fairy tale. Sounds like a discovery in a distant land? No, because you can experience all this in the nature park Teufelsschlucht in the south Eifel!

Sounds quite dangerous at first this Devil's Gorge. Located in the southern Eifel not so many tourists get lost here. At least not in winter. At times I even had a funny feeling in my stomach. No cell phone network, no people … but more about that later.

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Phu Quoc: beaches, towing service and fish sauce

We are spoiled. Spoiled by paradisiacal beaches where we bathed on our world trip. Gili Meno and Karimunjawa are hard to beat. Therefore, the island of Phu Quoc did not really knock our socks off. It is a beautiful island, where you can relax and swim, but unfortunately Phu Quoc has a garbage problem. And a construction problem. Everywhere new hotels are being built and destroy the charm of the island.

Accommodation and food on Phu Quoc

But we did not regret our trip (with the crazy journey on the moped cab). Because we had a great hotel in Duong Dong, the largest city on the island, and also found a nice beach without trash.

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Grand Manan Island – an insider tip in the Bay of Fundy

Advertising, unsolicited! This text is an editorial contribution, which could well have an advertising effect, without me being commissioned or paid for it!

It is located on the border between New Brunswick (Canada) and Maine (USA), and is part of the former Canadian province of. Grand Manan Island is the largest island in the Bay of Fundy and probably relatively unknown as a tourist destination, since it is a little off the beaten track. In fact, I had not heard of this island before our tour of Canada. On the 34 kilometers long and 18 kilometers wide island live about 2.500 people. It is quiet here.

Grand Manan Island

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Nissan Juke N-Connecta: driving report

The first generation of the Japanese crossover Nissan Juke polarized with its body design. Number two has been significantly smoothed out and now offers more space for passengers and luggage. The Nissan Juke is now only available with one engine version. For the test the Japanese was available in the N-Connecta equipment and with 7-speed dual-clutch transmission.

❏ Body – Nissan Juke

After 10 years of construction and 1.5 million copies of the first generation sold, Nissan offers the new edition of the Nissan Juke on the German market since January 2020. Based on the CMF-B platform, the Renault-Nissan collaboration slimmed down the engine lineup to one variant and eliminated all-wheel drive in the future.

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Cities short trip: The best plan for your city trip!

Planning is half the battle! If you already know where you want to go on your city break, you should first think about what kind of vacation you want to take. Are you more the party type and want to see all the hotspots and clubs that are in town?? Or do you prefer to spend your day in different museums or cultural institutions??

Maybe this is also the mix for you! When planning your trip, it always depends on your individual travel type. That means you plan (ideally) in advance what you want to see and make a rough time schedule. This is not to say that you make a to-do list and just work through it.

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Florida round trip – the Sunshine State away from Miami

When you think of Florida, you probably think of palm trees, miles of white sandy beaches, and of course – how could it be any other way – Florida's hotspot Miami Beach. The beach metropolis of the Sunshine State is one of the world's most popular destinations and the center of attraction par excellence for all party-loving sun worshippers. In my round trip through Florida, however, I would like to show you what else the Sunshine State has to offer besides Miami Beach (maybe you can experience it all for yourself during your language study trip to Miami or your student exchange in Florida). Let's go!


Our Florida round trip begins in St. Augustine, the oldest settlement in the USA. St. Augustine is located in northeast Florida, at the mouth of the Matanzas River. The in the 16. St Augustine, which was founded by the Spanish colonial ruler Juan Ponce de Leon in the 16th century. Augustine was the capital of the state of Florida until it was replaced by Tallahassee in 1824. St Augustine's trademarks are the colonial buildings and the omnipresent Spanish flair. This is especially evident in the colonial quarter, as well as impressive buildings such as the Spanish fort "Castillo de San Marcos", the "Ponce de Leon Hotel", which is now part of Flagler College, as well as the "Villa Zorayda" – a city palace, which is inspired by the Spanish Alhambra in Granada.

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