Work and Travel USA

Work and Travel USA

Work and Travel programs are a unique opportunity to experience a country and its culture up close and personal, and to combine recreation and work. The USA is a great place to spend your time abroad in the "land of opportunity" because of its diversity.

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Restaurant Tips: The best food in Boston

The city of Boston is famous for many things: enthusiastic sports fans, traffic jams and a unique American accent. But for some reason, Boston cuisine doesn't make this list. The choices on Boston's menus should contribute greatly to the city's image, and while I may be a bit biased, I can assure you that Boston's food is extremely tasty! I've scoured the city for culinary highlights and compiled this list of the best restaurants so you can enjoy New England cuisine, too.


In the warm summer months, Bostonians are drawn to the waterfront. Residents can be found kayaking on the Charles River, hoisting their sailboats in Boston Harbor, or escaping to the beach on weekends in Cape Cod. The ever present sea contributes to the fact that we have some of the freshest seafood in the country.

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Road trip France – individual route for 3 weeks + tips

France – a country that is too often ridiculed, especially in Germany. After our road trip through the southwest of France for several weeks, we can only say one thing about it: completely wrongly! Not only are the French much friendlier than often claimed, but the country is also much more beautiful and varied than we initially thought.

High mountains, lively cities, historic villages, white sandy beaches, turquoise sea, ancient castles, delicious food and good wine are just a few keywords we would like to throw into the room.

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Playa de Muro: the great feast

Playa de Muro Restaurant

If you're looking for a restaurant for dinner on Playa de Muro, you've got Av. de s'Albufera the largest selection. On the left and on the right numerous restaurants tempt with offers and menus. But where to eat best? And which restaurant is better to leave to the left? WowPlaces gives a few tips and hints.

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California road trip: 7 tips for Yosemite National Park

It's been a good year since we went to the cinema to see the documentary Free Solo. The film shows how extreme climber Alex Honnold conquers El Capitan in Yosemite National Park without any belays. We are talking about a 1.000 meters high rock face!

The movie was very impressive and I can definitely recommend it to you. It also came to German cinemas at just the right time. Because a few weeks after we had marveled at El Capitan on the big screen, we actually stood in front of this huge rock face in the U.S. state of California – and were speechless. It was incredible to stand there, really incredible.

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Iceland, Reykjavik – our private Golden Circle Tour

Advertising, unsolicited! This text is an editorial contribution, which could have an advertising effect, without me being commissioned or paid for it!

As a cruise tourist, you usually only have one, maximum two days and still want to see as much as possible of what Iceland stands for: Nature, culture, waterfalls, volcanoes and geysers. All this can be seen on Iceland's most famous round trip, the Golden Circle Tour (or Golden Circle). Due to the proximity to the capital ReykjavIk, this tour is very popular with cruise passengers and tourists.

Of course, all cruise lines offer guided excursions on this route, as did Hapag Lloyd when we docked with Columbus 2 in Reykjavik on our Nordland cruise. We decided against a bus tour in a big group and searched for a private guide via the internet. So we have an appointment in Reykjavik with Michael Kissane, with whom we will do an individual tour along the Golden Circle.

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Vacation in Puglia 2022 advice and routes

All the information you are looking for about your vacation in Puglia [updated 2022]. What is there to know for a dream vacation in Puglia?

Think about a vacation in Puglia? Good choice! In this article you will find valuable tips to better enjoy your vacation in Puglia. Let's see right now what are the best beaches and activities for a vacation in Puglia 2022.

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