Hygge in the Spreewald: 7 tips for a cozy winter short trip

Hygge made in Spreewald: the Spreewald is especially cozy in the wintertime. Tips and inspiration for a winter trip to the Spreewald with a lot of Brandenburg coziness.

What is actually "Hygge?

Maybe you have already seen the word "hygge" this year, it's possible, because: the Danish trend for coziness is on everyone's lips. It is anyway already quite well known that it can be lived well in Denmark and the Danes belong to the happiest peoples of this earth. This is surely due to the talent of our Danish neighbors to make themselves comfortable inside – especially when it is cold outside and the weather is not very nice. "Hyggelig" it can be however naturally also somewhere else than in Denmark.

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Top 10 tips | What you can do in Catalonia and/or. in the province of Girona

[Advertising: Cooperation] Catalonia is the most popular vacation region in Spain. In the northeast on the border with France, most tourists are interested in one thing: visiting the second largest city in Spain and the Catalan capital Barcelona. While Barcelona and the island of Mallorca are bursting at the seams as tourist meccas, the hinterland and the Costa Brava or Costa Daurada remain comparatively quiet.

To see and to do there would be enough also outside of Barcelona, above all the province Girona has to offer a lot. One of the few regions in the world where the mountains and the sea are close to each other. The foothills of the up to 3.The 400m high and 430km long Pyrenees mountain range and the warm Mediterranean Sea are only 50km apart! A dream for all people who can not decide between mountains and sea!

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Watching the Aurora Borealis in Iceland – Tips & Tricks

This March, we made our way to Iceland once again and were “lucky” enough to experience dancing auroras on 11 of the 15 nights we spent on the island. Whether that’s a new personal record or not, we don’t know (they never kept that accurate a record ), but this time it all happened despite minimal prospects for a great aurora and despite supposed “calm conditions” in the atmosphere. A solar storm of several days (with kp=6) happened just before our arrival and hardly we were at home, there was the next mega storm. So “luck” is a bit relative, and that’s why this word is already in quotation marks in the first sentence. And this time, at the end of the trip, we wondered if we really needed it? Also the question “Where and when can I observe auroras in Iceland??” we would answer a little bit different than before.

Some years ago I already wrote a quite detailed blog about “photographing auroras” (and updated it several times in the meantime). Therefore we do not want to repeat everything here, but rather try to give a compact overview with all kinds of “tips&” To give “tricks” for people who absolutely want to see auroras during their vacation. And then finally of course also more near on the newer experiences and realizations, which were confirmed to us then on the last travel day by a coworker of the Aurora museum in Reykjavik so also. You never stop learning, even after the umpteenth aurora tour. And maybe the summary here will help one or the other of you.

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Job ghosting – when the employer does not contact you anymore

Job ghosting – when the employer stops contacting you

You have successfully completed the interview with your employer of choice and are waiting for a positive response – but there is no reply from the employer. This phenomenon is called job ghosting.

The term “job ghosting” actually comes from the dating environment, where people talk about ghosting when their dating partner goes off the grid and doesn’t respond to messages and calls. In the work environment, the whole thing also works in reverse: the applicant no longer reports to the employer.

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Singapore Local Transport – Tips and Saving Options for Bus and MRT

Local traffic in Singapore

Perfectly developed and with the right tips and tricks, the local transport by bus, metro or MRT is perfect to discover and explore the wonderful city of Singapore with its numerous sights and hawker centers. In this article we would like to show you what savings opportunities there are, how local transport works and what to look out for when you e.g. want to travel by bus, so that you arrive at your destination.

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Insider tips for Haarlem: places of interest & Restaurants

"With you I want to swim in the Spaarne, enjoy the sea breeze in Bloemendaal, picnic in a Hofje, look for deer in Haarlemmerhout and bet how high the Sint Bavo church is". This saying (translated from Dutch) on the window of a cafe in Haarlem describes quite aptly what makes the city on the river Spaarne so appealing. My home for more than 8 years.

Haarlem is located halfway between Amsterdam and the sea, combining the advantages of a larger city with proximity to the beach. Other assets of Haarlem are:

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