Istrian Fuzi – Delicious traditional & homemade pasta

This blog was written by guest author Ms. Ana Cerovski. Ana is a senior writer at Kitchentoast and writes about traditional Croatian cuisine. So this blog is about Istrian pasta called fuzi. Have fun!

When we mention pasta, there is one particular region in Croatia that is known for its tradition of making authentic pasta – welcome to beautiful Istria, a Croatian peninsula characterized by breathtaking views, picturesque nature, beautiful coastline and small towns hidden interesting history, culture and traditional gastronomy.

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Travel without worry: The truth about the Zika virus

Reports of the virus, which is spreading mainly in South and Central America and can cause disabilities in the unborn, among other things, worry many (soon-to-be) travelers. We've gathered some info you should know about the virus here, as well as tips on how to reduce your risk of infection.

The Zika virus sounds dangerous, and it certainly is. Nevertheless, a number of precautions can help minimize infection. But the most important thing is always: don't panic!

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