Cheap & travel safely as a student in Corona times – 5 tips

Travel students Corona

The pandemic disrupted everyone's travel plans this spring and summer. As it currently stands, there could continue to be restrictions in the fall/winter as well. But in principle, this should not stop you from relaxing, because there are both inexpensive and safe options to travel as a student even in the crazy Corona times. In the following you will find our best tips.

Tip 1: Safety first

First of all, it should be clear that your own safety and health are paramount. Containing the pandemic is a social task that challenges us all. Please refrain from party vacations, risky areas and careless behavior as much as possible.

So that you can travel safely in Corona times, it is always worthwhile to take a look at the current situation at your destination. The current travel warnings of the federal government can be a help for the estimation. You can find information at the ADAC and in the current travel warnings of the German Foreign Office.

Travel inform Corona

Traveling abroad is not bad in principle. However, it always depends on the situation in the region and remember that this can also change quickly. So make appropriate arrangements for your stay and consider the possibility that the trip may be canceled at short notice. For this, flexible booking options can be selected at the time of booking.

Otherwise, even on vacation, unfortunately, the following applies: keep your distance, wear a mask where necessary (note: other countries have adopted very different measures) and behave sensibly. Then nothing stands in the way of a successful vacation even in Corona times.

Tip 2: Take a vacation in Germany

But where to go? We start with domestic destinations. Due to the current situation we would like to advise you against large cities. These are of course attractive and offer many sights as well as more choice in culinary, art and culture, but currently it just looks like Corona is spreading more easily here too. Therefore, our tip: take a vacation in scenic regions. So how about a trip to the Black Forest, Lake Constance or the Eifel?? On the website germany.Here you will find a wide variety of ideas that might inspire you to take one or two trips within Germany.

Travel Corona Railway

Either way, you might be interested in the current offer of Deutsche Bahn, which offers 2 options for students in October 2020. On the one hand you can buy a BahnCard 25 for only 24,90€ and get discounts on train journeys for 1 year. On the other hand, there is currently the Super Sparpreis Young. With this one, everyone under the age of 27 gets the chance to book a one-way ticket for only 12,90€. Of course, you can also get around cheaply by long-distance bus, but it's a bit more pleasant in Corona times on the train.

Tip 3: Find cheap alternatives abroad

If you like to travel abroad, besides the security issues, it is also necessary to take a look at the prices. With some offerers there are straight in regions difficult to sell up-to-date good prices abzustauben. Alternatively, you can also wait for Black Friday and benefit from exciting offers there. So it will e.g. From the luxury travel provider Voyage Prive this year there will be great deals in the section "travel deals Black Friday 2020".

Students Travel Abroad

Tip 4: Staycation is in trend

Vacation only halt at home: This is hidden behind the term Staycation. The advantage: You do not have to spend money for the big trips and use the time simply times for other things in your environment. How about a bike ride or another activity you've always wanted to do. Maybe exploring a new part of the city is also worthwhile for you or explore the surrounding countryside…the possibilities are practically endless.

So many new things can be discovered in familiar surroundings. It is probably only important that you can also really switch off, although at home surely also many Orga topics wait for you. But when it comes to vacation, the same rules should apply at home as when you go away and then it can be well with a beautiful staycation week.

Staycation Corona students

Tip 5: Understand camping as an adventure

If you are into backpacker trips in Australia, you might also like the variation of camping in Germany. Of course, you won't get 100% the same feeling as if you were alone abroad, but the feeling of freedom will surely grab you when camping as well. If you also own a cozy tent and sleeping bag, you can also experience real adventures by trying to get to know the various beautiful nature campsites in Germany more closely.

Alternatively you can rent cool camping vans for a certain period of time and so you can travel around Germany even more flexible and enjoy some freedom far away from other people. This is how you leave Corona and the stress of everyday life behind you for a while.

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