Cities short trip: The best plan for your city trip!

Planning is half the battle! If you already know where you want to go on your city break, you should first think about what kind of vacation you want to take. Are you more the party type and want to see all the hotspots and clubs that are in town?? Or do you prefer to spend your day in different museums or cultural institutions??

Maybe this is also the mix for you! When planning your trip, it always depends on your individual travel type. That means you plan (ideally) in advance what you want to see and make a rough time schedule. This is not to say that you make a to-do list and just work through it.

Cities short trip: Time to discover

The ideal schedule for your visit

When planning your city break, always keep in mind the amount of time you have available. For 2 days (one night), limit yourself to the essentials, the tourist corners and the most popular attractions. Maybe something for you?

If you have 3 days at your disposal, you can already choose a few corners, which are a bit more remote from tourist paths. How about a park or a zoo here??

Cities short trip – sightseeing outside the city center

If you have more time then have a look at the surroundings, there are certainly some nice places that you can reach by train or other public transport. It is also important that you find out in advance how long you will need for the individual sights. The best schedule is useless if you are stressed and rushed.

In Rome, I can recommend a very special district to you. In London you have to go to .

Brooklyn Bridge New York night

The greatest joy is the unexpected

But one thing is true for all city trips: The most beautiful corners are discovered unexpectedly!

Just keep your eyes open, because even the best planning is of little use if you are not receptive to new things. You discover so unique restaurants or even stores, which you have not included during the planning.

So my visit to very surprised me.There are great restaurants and cool spots that will make your visit extra special.

It's nice to have a little break, to look for a park or a nice viewpoint. I found wonderful hidden oases in Prague. Here you can stretch your legs undisturbed and observe the hustle and bustle and the people. Culinary treasures I have found in .

In every big city, there are also museums which sometimes harbor true treasures a visit is worthwhile also here. Especially if you are surprised by a heavy sleet, like I was in Edinburgh.

Painter half-timbered house Rouen France

City short trip: bad weather alternatives

And that brings us to the topic that no one wants to deal with during their city trip. What do I do when it's pouring with rain?? You always have to be prepared for the weather to throw a spanner in the works. Hours of walking or sightseeing will have to be postponed.

Especially cities that are not located in the south always have the risk that it might rain. By the way, museums are free in many big cities or you don't have to invest a lot of money. But you can also warm up wonderfully, if you are on the road in winter. I can recommend for your London visit the .

If you don't feel like visiting museums, you can also relax in a thermal bath or sauna, especially in big cities there is usually enough choice. Before that just check the weather and pack bathing suits, they do not take much space even in hand luggage. Towels and slippers can be rented everywhere.

Microadventures on your doorstep

Sometimes you don't have to get on a plane at all, but just explore your country. That's what I did and looked around in various German cities.

Here you can find a small selected overview of my travels in Germany:

View of London Skyline Docklands

Do you have any questions about city trips?

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