City Break New York: Tips from the Insider

City trip New York – It is the city that never sleeps, for many a place of desire of superlatives, a melting pot of nations: New York! Hardly any other city in history has ever been mentioned so often in literature, sung about or been the scene of a film or play. A climate of freedom blows here. But be warned: a city trip to New York is everything but relaxing. The "Big Apple" or the city that never sleeps will keep you awake with its many entertainment options and impressions ..

City trip New York: Charming in every season

The many faces of the North American metropolis have always fascinated visitors, be it Central Park in blooming spring, the Thanksgiving parade in November, or snow-covered Fifth Avenue with its splendidly decorated shop windows shortly before the Christmas holidays. Every season in New York has its own charm and regardless of the temperature, there is always some new artist, Broadway play or musician to discover on one of the city's many stages.

New York is usually home to people who have a dream, whether it's the American dream of making a quick buck or simply finding a place where you can give free rein to your unique talents and assets. Each district is home to its own scene, and all together they form the colorful, thriving image of a metropolis as it is written in the book.

City break New York: Where to stay in New York?

As lush as New York's cultural entertainment offerings are, the choice of fine hotels in the Big Apple is equally diverse. For example, there is the Crosby Street Hotel in the young, artistic district of SoHo, which captivates with a mixture of design, boutique charm and British country house style. There are 90 individually designed rooms and suites on eleven floors, all of which are individually decorated with attention to detail. The only common feature is the gigantic window fronts, thanks to which the guest has a unique view of New York's skyline. A special highlight among the rooms and suites is the terrace suite. Here, in the middle of Manhattan, guests have the opportunity to step out of their bedroom onto their private terrace full of plants and cozy furniture in the hotel's courtyard. Thanks to the predestined location in SoHo, cool boutiques of young designers and casual bars and restaurants are never far away here.

City trip New York: What to do in New York?

Culturally Manhattan offers everything or nothing. Depending on the district, the local art scene adapts to it. So there are in smaller galleries always changing new artists who want to be discovered. More of a classic, but just as worth seeing is MoMa or the Metropolitan Museum of Art. If you have kids with you, the Museum of Natural History is an absolute must-see. Exhibitions change here too, but are always very visual and the Journey to the Stars with Whoopi Goldberg is fun for young and old alike. To find your personal, optimal museum itinerary, a little planning in advance is recommended.

City trip New York: Where to eat in New York?

To give you just a glimpse of the culinary and cultural offerings in Manhattan, here are a few tips from an insider, starting with breakfast: an absolute hotspot for New Yorkers for a relaxed brunch on Saturday or Sunday is at Sarabeth's not far from Central Park, right on the Upper West Side. However: It is recommended to stop at one of the many New York Delis on the way to Sarabeth's to get a Coffee To Go. Because even from a distance you can see the queue in front of the bar and the wait can last up to an hour.

At lunchtime, it's okay to go fast, after all, the prestigious New York department stores such as Barney's or Bergdorf Goodman entice you with their lavish displays. At lunchtime, for example, New Yorkers make a "quick stop" at Eataly. The delicatessen with several integrated restaurants offers high-quality food, beauty products, books and household goods from Italy and the USA. The fresh ravioli, pistachio ice cream and small cakes are particularly delicious – all homemade. Legendary again is Katz's Deli, opened in 1888, where the most famous film sequence of all time, the legendary "orgasm scene" from "Harry&", took place Sally". Once you get a seat, your palate is rewarded with delicious, thick pastrami sandwiches, juicy roast beef and traditional knishes (stuffed dumplings).

In the evening we have steak, just like in the USA! At the legendary Tribeca Grill, which welcomes guests with a certain vintage flair. If you feel like you've been transported to an atmosphere of former gangsters and hoodlums, it's probably because of the famous co-owner and screen thug, Robert de Niro. The great cuisine completes the experience. For those who prefer seafood, the legendary Oyster Bar in Grand Central Station is a must. Here is always a hustle and bustle and you dine under a unique cassette ceiling. Also worth mentioning is the great atmosphere at Indochine, which even after years is still considered a hotspot for a glamorous dinner in New York.

City trip New York: Where to drink in New York?

After dinner, the New York nights really begin. You remember? It is the city that never sleeps. Anyone who has ever been to New York must have seen a Broadway play, especially when a famous Hollywood actor is performing. Priceless! For those who appreciate New York's alternative arts scene, consider a play at Off-Broadway. Often amateur actors surprise and create an ambience of the original play. If you prefer a bar, here's an insider tip: The Rose Bar in the Gramercy Park Hotel is one of the best addresses for a drink in New York. Especially artists and musicians love to come here. One of the best clubs of the city is again the 1Oak: The facade is unspectacular, but behind it the celebrities cavort. Promised!

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