City trip Paris: tips from an insider

City trip Paris – A city trip to Paris? A classic! Especially for couples, because Paris is, well, the city of love; and much more: superlatives and small discoveries: Paris is tres interessant and not only Eiffel Tower and Notre-Dame …

Bonjour A Paris!

Steeped in history as the city of love and home of the great couturier Coco Chanel, Paris still exerts a magical attraction on lovers and fashionistas to this day. And this metropolis with its small alleys, the ancient, magnificent buildings, the magnificent boulevards and promenades and beautiful parks exudes a unique charm. You can only find this in Paris! But for all the romance, the city's magnificent art and culture scene should not be forgotten, and this includes but is not limited to the world-famous museum, the Louvre. To explore Paris from its most original and charming side, we have put together a few tips for you below.

City trip Paris: Where to stay in Paris?

From magnificent hotel legends where great personalities have stayed to charming boutique hotels in typical Parisienne style: the French capital offers a lush selection of fine guest accommodations. Just a few steps away from the Champs-elysees, lies the Royal Monceau – Raffles Paris.From the outside, the luxurious building with its elegant Art Nouveau center looks like a modern city palace, in which the French spirit seems to be omnipresent to this day. The private art collection, an integrated art bookshop and the special service of an art concierge make the hotel unique. A well-equipped movie theater and an exceptional photography collection round off the exclusive ambience. The interiors of the fine rooms and suites, on the other hand, are modern and sumptuous at the same time. From contemporary, authentic French meals to Italian specialties, dining at Le Royal Monceau – Raffles Paris is truly unforgettable. The heart of the hotel is the colorful, original Parisian bar, where you can and should enjoy great cocktail classics!

City trip Paris: What to do in Paris?

Paris boasts more sights than almost any other metropolis. They reflect the soul of the city. Typical tourist hotspots include the Sacre Coeur Basilica, the Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre and the Pantheon, not forgetting the city's landmark, the Eiffel Tower. Without him Paris would not be Paris. The Tour Eiffel, built as part of the World's Fair, offers a unique view over this venerable city. Once you've climbed the tower, you won't want to go back down. The experience is especially delightful at night, when all of Paris is illuminated.

The French capital also offers a fantastic cultural landscape: with countless art galleries, 100 theaters, numerous museums and a multitude of restaurants, Paris spoils its guests every day anew. In addition to this overwhelming cultural offer, Paris also lives up to its reputation as a fashion city and offers something for every taste. On the famous Avenue des Champs-elysees, the big luxury brands line up: perfect for window shopping!

In any case, the best way to experience the Parisian way of life is to simply stroll through the alleys and along the boulevards. But to make sure that exploring the city doesn't turn into a stress trip, you should always stop off at a small Parisian cafe or take a seat on a bench in the well-kept Parisian parks.

City trip Paris: Where to eat and drink in Paris?

Paris also has a sophisticated and stylish culinary scene! In France, eating is much more than just taking in food, it is a social experience, at lunchtime as well as in the evening. The morning petit dejeuner is much smaller than in Germany, but the following meals, the dejeuner and the diner, are lavish. You take time to eat. For a typical French lunch, you should plan about two hours. It's a good thing too, because like in Spain, dinner tends to start late. Vin naturally plays an eminent role in a country like France. Important note here, the wine is traditionally only ordered with the individual dishes, never afterwards. While a small breakfast can be taken in any cafe in Paris in the form of croissant and cafe au lait, the choice for the other meals should be made more carefully.

Especially recommended is the Lasserre, a glamorous gourmet restaurant of the first hour. Located in the exclusive 8th arrondissement, close to the Champs-elysees and not far from the magnificent Grand Palais, this is the place to spend a few delicious hours. The ambience of this first-class establishment also matches the upscale cuisine and is reminiscent of French chic of the 18th century. Twentieth-century design combined with royal charm.

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