Gate Guru: helper at the airport

If you arrive at the airport on time despite the notoriously unpunctual train and are lucky enough to pass through security without a long wait, you will inevitably be faced with the question: What to do until the gate finally opens?? If you don't have access to the business or first class lounge, boredom is inevitable. Frequent travelers especially want to plan as efficiently as possible and travel comfortably. The nearly limitless creativity of high-tech nerds is mushrooming new travel apps designed to make life easier for stressed-out travelers between here and there. Their benefit is usually very manageable. But is this also true for the app Gate Guru?? We took a closer look at the application ..

Gate Guru, by its own account, is the only travel app that "provides all the information you need on your cell phone throughout your travel day". It could hardly be more ambitious! But at least: Once tapped, one or the other problem is actually solved, for example, if you have lost your orientation at a major airport. Whether ATMs, restaurants, Internet spots or playgrounds: You enter the airport – if it's listed – and the app lists the most important facilities it has to offer.

USA in focus

Thanks to the comments of eager users, useful hints can sometimes be found, for example, where to find the cheapest coffee. Others share their restaurant experiences. Unfortunately, this happens – at least outside the USA – but only rarely. At Frankfurt Airport, for example, which is one of the largest hubs in Europe, the total number of reviews can almost be counted on one hand.

Gate Guru app under test

When the gate guru is at a loss ..

Helpful: If you send Gate Guru your itinerary and dates via e-mail, the app adds information about the check-in terminal, the weather at the airport and exact details about arrival and departure to each stage from start to finish. This way, weary travelers are always up to date on gate changes, delays or even the estimated waiting time at the security checkpoint. In addition, there will be real-time flight data via push notifications, informing about changes and updates.

More than 120 airports in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia are available on the app, which is part of the TripAdvisor review platform. The focus is currently still on the USA, which is why the seemingly rich selection is quickly put into perspective when you consider that there are thousands of airports all over the world that are not yet listed. At the airport in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius, for example, Gate Guru proved clueless.

Gate Guru: Conclusion

Gate Guru, available for free for Android and iOS, presents itself clearly and is easy to navigate. " Travel. Reinvented," as the developer writes on its homepage, is certainly a bit of an exaggeration – but the app assists with orientation at large airports and helps save time, especially at U.S. airports.

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