Gay Travel Index: where is it most tolerant?

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Since 2013 there is the Gay Travel Index. The ranking compares more than 190 countries and is meant to give homosexuals an overview of which countries are tolerant, but unfortunately also where it is still dangerous.

No holding hands

Vacation, which means something different for each*n. Some like it adventurous, for others it is pure happiness to hang out on the beach all day long. So it is good that you can choose your own destination. Or? When you read through the Gay Travel Index, the answer doesn't come easily anymore. For example, how free can a homosexual couple still decide on a destination, if there "homosexual behavior", such as holding hands is punished or even punished with death.

What is the Gay Travel Index?

The Gay Travel Index is published by the travel portal Spartacus, which specializes primarily in gay men. In the ranking 194 countries are rated with points in different categories. The Gay Travel Index is divided into positive and negative sections, and the fourteen different categories range from anti-discrimination laws, the legal situation regarding same-sex marriage and adoption, to laws against homosexuality and the death penalty. Different scores can be achieved in each category. For example: Three points is the best score in the positive category Antidiscrimination legislation, while in the category Marriage / Civil Partnership the highest score is two points. In the negative categories such as Murders, all countries where homophobic murders are reported are given a score of -2. In the category death sentences it is distinguished whether the death penalty "only" stands in the law, or is also actively executed. From the scores of the different categories a total result is created, which determines the place of the respective country in the Gay Travel Index.

Countries in comparison

Sweden and Great Britain are at the top of the Gay Travel Index, closely followed by countries like Belgium, France and Canada. For Germany's rating, by the way, you have to scroll down to the second page of the report. There you can find Germany on the 22nd place. One reason for this, according to the Gay Travel Index:

"In Germany, due to federal government system, there are varying regulations regarding arrival/residence HIV. For example, in Bavaria someone who is HIV-positive can be denied entry. […]"

HIV positive people can be banned from entering Bavaria.

The bottom of the ranking is made up of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Iran and last place Somalia. The sad and frightening commonality: In all four countries homosexuality is punishable by death.

No standstill

The ranking is constantly updated. Politics are changing all over the world and therefore also influence the ranking, the report says. Political climate change can make conditions for gay people worse, but it can also make them better. Let's hope that a Gay Travel Index will no longer be necessary one day. Kissing selfies everywhere and for everyone!

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