New York in 2 days – New York walking tour + tourist map

For your next stay in New York or during a tour in the United States you want to Visit New York in 2 days.

And to avoid the crowds and promiscuity of the New York subway, rather visit all New York highlights by walking a tourist circuit ?

You may be interested in my 2 walking routes to New York and following the interactive map available for everyone circuit touristique below.

How to visit New York in 2 days?

I'm not going to lie to you: It's impossible to visit all the tourist attractions of New York in just 2 days ! The best way to visit the Big Apple is to plan for 3 or 4 full days.

However, when I traveled to New York myself, I had only two days there. With this, How to visit New York for the first time in only 2 days?

The first difficulty is to choose the sites you want to visit places of worship in New York, museums, parks, the most beautiful streets, monuments .

The second difficulty is to organize the sites that you must have seen, so that as little time as possible is wasted by developing Two cool routes to walk.

What must see in New York in 2 days?

During these two days exploring New York, I decided to focus on my visits Manhattan. Other New York neighborhoods (Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island…) are certainly interesting to discover, but I reserve them for a second stay…

Then I eliminated many visits to museums and churches in order to focus on New York's most famous landmarks. It was absolutely necessary, because there are so many museums in Manhattan and it is impossible to visit them all in two days. Especially since the queues are endless, even for skip-the-line tickets.

What to visit in 2 days in New York?

If you visit New York in 2 days, here's what you can spend:

  • le 1 day discover downtown south of Manhattan to Times Square (Midtown) ;
  • le 2. Day discover Midtown north of Manhattan (Uptown).

Highlights New York – DAY 1

Here is the list of my must be seen in New York that I have selected for the walking tour of day 1 :

  • Battery Park
  • Statue of Liberty
  • Ellis Island
  • World Trade Center
  • 11. September Monument
  • Empire State Building
  • Chrysler Building
  • Grand Central Terminal
  • St. Patrick's Cathedral
  • Rockefeller Center – Top of the Rock
  • Times Square
  • Broadway

New York Walking Route Map – DAY 1

1 New York in 2 days – DAY 1 Program

New York on foot – stages DAY 1 morning

The tourist circuit of this first day allows you to visit the most important sights of New York, summarized from South Manhattan to Midtown. You can easily do it on foot, walking an average of 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the afternoon, but with well-coordinated stages.

Walking route – Statue of Liberty

My walking route starts in southern Manhattan with the must see Statue of Liberty.

Toward theBattery Park Pier A. to take the ferry that will take you to Liberty Island.

To go there Metro : South Ferry (line 1), Whitehall St / South Ferry (lines R and W) or Bowling Green (lines 4 and 5) or take the Grand Bus Downtown Circuit (see my good map at the end of the article).

To catch the first boat that leaves at 1am, I recommend going to the pier when the ticket booths open at 9:8am.

Be sure to choose the ferry ticket that allows you to travel at your own pace to the two islands (Liberty Island + Ellis Island) for as long as you like and allows access to the base of the Statue of Liberty.

At about 9:30 a.m., disembark on the island to see the Statue of Liberty, monument erected in 1886 by France on the occasion of the 6. The building was donated on the 50th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence of the United States. You can climb to the pedestal observation deck (XNUMX. floor) climb.

Walking Route – Ellis Island

From Liberty Island, take the ferry back to Ellis Island. You can visit the Immigration Museum, which traces the journey of foreigners who immigrated in the 19. and 20. The people who came to the U.S. in the nineteenth century. From Ellis Island you will enjoy a magnificent view of the Statue of Liberty and on the huge skyscrapers of Manhattan.


You will then take the ferry back to Battery Park.

Walking Route – Ground Zero

The history of New York had a terrible and dramatic episode with the terrorist attack the September 11, 2001.

My tour now leads us to discover this World Trade Center district That has changed a lot, but reminds us of this cruel tragedy (15 minutes walk).

To follow my route on foot, you must take the direction Ground Zero capture:

  • the Hudson River Greenway;
  • by visiting the 11/XNUMX Memorial;
  • In front of theOculus (shopping center in the shape of big white wings + train station);
  • to reach One World Trade Center.

One World Trade Center

You can admire the One World Trade Center This 2014-story tower bears the same name as the original North Twin Tower of the World Trade Center.

11. September Monument

My daily schedule does not allow time to visit the 11/XNUMX Museum. However, you have time to look at it 11. September Monument. These are two huge pools with very original waterfalls, located exactly where the twin towers.

New York on foot – stages DAY 1 afternoon

From Ground Zero to the Empire State Building

To walk from Ground Zero to the Empire State Building, you can walk (1 time steps) from Oculus back Broadway.

Metroneed about 30 Мinutes take the red line 1 at the stop WTC Cortlandt and go out at the 34 station St. Penn.

Or by taking the Great Bus Circuit in downtown (See my good plan at the end of the article).

New York in 1 day – Empire State Building

In the heart of Manhattan you will reach another icon of New York: the Empire State Building.

Take time to climb 86eme floor and enjoy its belvedere. The view is overall impressiveManhattan Island and much further (Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge, Chrysler Building, Statue of Liberty…).

New York in 2 days Empire State Building Tour

New York in 1 day – Grand Central Terminal

If you have time, it's worth a short trip to Grand Central Terminal (Exit 4, 5, 6, 7 and S) Grand Central Terminal). This station was rebuilt on the old Grand Central Station of 1871 and its dimensions have preserved a remarkable architecture and an impressive hall.

New York in 1 day – Chrysler Building

You could admire it and especially its grand Art Deco architecture from the Empire State Building belvedere, but if you want to get close to it, the Chrysler Building is right next to Grand Central Station. In just 3 minutes walking on 42nd St towards Lexington Avenue you will be at the foot of this mythical skyscraper!

New York in 1 day – St. Patrick's Cathedral

10 minutes walk to the St. Patrick's Cathedral. It is here largest Gothic Catholic Cathedral in North America. Another must on a first visit to Manhattan!

Rockefeller Center – Top of the Rock

My New York walking route takes us after a 5 minute walk jusqu'au Rockefeller Center between 5th and 6th Avenues. You will recognize these magnificent buildings in Art Deco style, which were the setting for many shots in Manhattan.

Top of the Rock is another legendary New York viewpoint. The hotel is located in the 70. Floor of the skyscraper Comcast buildingHere you can enjoy a spectacular view of Manhattan, which includes the Empire State Building!

Times Square – Broadway

My itinerary "New York on foot" ends on this first day in the most famous neighborhood of Manhattan: Times Square.

Between the 7. and located on Broadway, you must go there in the evening or at night to enjoy the bubbly, festive, luminous and so special atmosphere that reigns there!

If you're not too tired, you can extend your evening by enjoying a musical at one of Broadway's many theaters…

Times Square-Broadway

2 New York in 2 days – DAY 2 Program

New York in 2 days – Day 2 Tours

Here is the list of my must see in New York that I have selected for the tour of 2. Day :

  • Times Square
  • Museum of Modern Art
  • Central Park – Arch Bridge
  • Guggenheim Museum
  • Cathedral of St. John the Divine
  • Harlem with Apollo Theater

New York in 2 days – day ticket for day 2

For this second day in New York, my tourist circuit goes from Times Square to Harlem district. This is about 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the afternoon.

New York in 2 days – stages DAY 2

The phases of Day 2 are more "cultural" than the stages of day 1, because they include 2 worth seeing museums of New York.

Museum of Modern Art (MOMA)

For this second day in New York, I recommend you first visit MOMA. This Manhattan museum of modern and contemporary art is a 12 minute walk to Times Square on 53rd Street. Many of the world's great masterpieces are grouped there, such as:

  • Les demoiselles d'Avignon and Picasso's three musicians;
  • The Starry Night and Van Gogh's Olive Trees;
  • Matisse's Dance;
  • Cezanne's Bathers;
  • Salvador Dali's soft clocks;
  • Campbell's soup cans by Andy Warhol .


Central Park – Arch Bridge

A 10 minute walk from MOMA will bring you to the entrance of Central Park. I advise you to take a short walk to the Bow Bridge to feel the green heart of Manhattan .

Then you can walk from Central Park and arrive at the Guggenheim Museum in 20 minutes.

Guggenheim Museum

The Guggenheim is located on Fifth Avenue on the Upper East Side and is the most famous of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation created museums.

New York in 2 days - Guggeneim Museum Tour

Harlem with the big bus (ca. 1h15)

The famous Big Bus tourist bus offers a tour to Harlem Here you can discover the essence of Harlem and the very chic neighborhood of HarlemUpper West Side.

So you can quietly on the bus see the beautiful buildings around Central Park, the Musee d'Histoire Naturelle, the St. John the Divine Cathedral and the mythical Apollo Theater in the heart of Harlem. Of course, you can stop where you want and take the big bus to continue the grand tour.


New York in 2 days – Good deal

Admission fees to major venues in New York are quite expensive if you buy them at the box office on site.

My best plan for visiting New York is to take the New York Explorer Pass map with you. With this card you can visit the New York attractions that interest you sometimes saving up to 50% like the following sites among others:

  • 11. September Museum
  • Empire State Building
  • Observatory on top of the rock
  • Statue of Liberty + Ellis Island
  • A world observatory
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • Rockefeller Center
  • New York Hop-On Hop-Off tourist bus (the Big Bus)

With the purchase of the card you get a guide, detailed maps, opening hours . Please note that you need to select the attractions to be included in the map. If you want to complete my two-day program, you must choose at least the Big Bus attractions, the Statue of Liberty + Ellis Island and the Empire State Building.

Weekend shopping in New York?

If you have the opportunity to add a day to enjoy New York's department stores and outlets, you can find here: My best addresses during a shopping trip in New York

New York in 2 days – Good hotel deal

Accommodation represents a significant budget for sightseeing in New York. To avoid wasting too much time on transportation, it is ideal to choose a hotel in the heart of Manhattan. So you can walk my two routes without any problems!

For very tight budgets, here is my article: FAVORABLE HOTELS IN NEW YORK and for those who want to have fun: Best Hotel in Manhattan

New York in 2 days – Apartment

For those who prefer to rent an apartment, I do not recommend Airbnb, as it is illegal in New York. On the other hand, I recommend an apartment hotel, as the rooms, studios or suites are fully equipped for longer stays.

Le Club Quarters Hotel Midtown – Times Square is located in Manhattan's Midtown neighborhood, within walking distance of major museums and restaurants. Grand Central Terminal, Rockefeller Center and Times Square are a 10-minute walk away.

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