Openbank Travel Plus – the travel benefits

Openbank Travel Plus - the travel benefits

Interestingly, with Openbank Travel Plus you can enjoy very flexible benefits.

Travel Plus is active only when you are traveling

If you are going on vacation and need travel insurance, you can activate the Openbank travel benefits quickly and easily. Just click on the R42 card in the app and switch “Travel+” to green. This is only one click!
Travel plus costs only 7.99 euros per month. however, not every month, but only when the R42 travel benefits are activated. Overall, you’ll benefit from 2 helpful advantages:

  1. The worldwide free use of the Openbank Mastercard
  2. Withdraw cash worldwide free of charge
  3. Travel insurances
  • permanently free of charge (no minimum deposit)
  • Mastercard free of charge
  • Withdraw cash free of charge
  • pay no fee
  • Deposit cash free of charge (in Spain)

The Openbank travel insurances

If you have Openbank’s free checking account and have activated Travel Plus travel benefits, you are covered with the following travel insurances:

    (100.000 euros per person, max. 5 persons) up to 50.000 euros

  • Repatriation and medical transport
  • advance hospital expenses up to 15.000 Euro
  • Accommodation for relatives 2.000 euros
  • damage or theft of luggage up to 1.500 euros
  • Delay (e.g. by flight etc.) up to 600 Euro up to 90.000 euros
  • Legal assistance up to 1.500 Euro

It is important that you pay for the travel modules with the Openbank Mastercard so that the insurances are activated. The travel accident insurance is particularly exciting. Basically, the private accident insurance also covers you abroad, however, the standard policy is limited to 100.000 Euro or, in case of progression, to 350.000 Euro limited. Depending on the conditions, the sum insured is of course also higher.

If you have the Openbank metal card, however, the benefit of your travel accident insurance immediately increases to 500.000 Euro, which is a tidy sum. Please note that you pay for the means of travel (train, bus, plane) with the Openbank Mastercard.

  • earn more interest than with classic daily deposit accounts
  • send money in seconds to the current account
  • Pay bills directly from the Openbank daily allowance account

What other benefits do the R42 travel benefits offer??

In addition to travel insurance, Travel plus of your Openbank current account offers other benefits:

Paying in foreign currency is free with activated Travel Benefits, as is withdrawing cash worldwide. It doesn’t matter if you are in Colombia, Arizona or Brazil. Every month you may freely choose 5 ATMs and withdraw cash there free of charge. If that’s not enough, you can make use of Santander Bank’s dense branch network and tap there for free.

  • pay free of charge throughout europe
  • withdraw cash worldwide free of charge
  • let the concierge service do the work for you (metal card)
  • Up to 500.000 euros through travel accident insurance
  • use the travel benefits (Travel Plus)

Openbank travel benefits are generally not necessary if you use a Santander Bank ATM, no matter where in the world it is located. Withdrawing cash then basically costs nothing. However, without activated travel benefits may incur a fee for foreign use. Without the travel benefits activated, you will be charged 1.5. If you have activated Openbank Travel Benefits, you can pay in all currencies free of charge.

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