California road trip: 7 tips for Yosemite National Park

It's been a good year since we went to the cinema to see the documentary Free Solo. The film shows how extreme climber Alex Honnold conquers El Capitan in Yosemite National Park without any belays. We are talking about a 1.000 meters high rock face!

The movie was very impressive and I can definitely recommend it to you. It also came to German cinemas at just the right time. Because a few weeks after we had marveled at El Capitan on the big screen, we actually stood in front of this huge rock face in the U.S. state of California – and were speechless. It was incredible to stand there, really incredible.

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Iceland, Reykjavik – our private Golden Circle Tour

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As a cruise tourist, you usually only have one, maximum two days and still want to see as much as possible of what Iceland stands for: Nature, culture, waterfalls, volcanoes and geysers. All this can be seen on Iceland's most famous round trip, the Golden Circle Tour (or Golden Circle). Due to the proximity to the capital ReykjavIk, this tour is very popular with cruise passengers and tourists.

Of course, all cruise lines offer guided excursions on this route, as did Hapag Lloyd when we docked with Columbus 2 in Reykjavik on our Nordland cruise. We decided against a bus tour in a big group and searched for a private guide via the internet. So we have an appointment in Reykjavik with Michael Kissane, with whom we will do an individual tour along the Golden Circle.

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Vacation in Puglia 2022 advice and routes

All the information you are looking for about your vacation in Puglia [updated 2022]. What is there to know for a dream vacation in Puglia?

Think about a vacation in Puglia? Good choice! In this article you will find valuable tips to better enjoy your vacation in Puglia. Let's see right now what are the best beaches and activities for a vacation in Puglia 2022.

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My top apps for backpacking in Germany

Apps for backpacking in Germany

In the past, backpackers were often left to their own devices. This has always been one of the main goals of backpacking. Switching off, getting to know new countries and cultures, spontaneously changing travel routes, and all this with the help of travel guides and the experiences of other travelers. Thanks to increasing digitalization, it is now possible to use a variety of apps to make traveling much easier. When I'm backpacking in Germany, I use a few apps to make my travel easier. I would like to briefly present these to you below.

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Sky high: A Journey with NetJets

A trip with NetJets? "You could get used to it", says our author Angelika Moeller after her first experience with a private plane from Hamburg to Aberdeen. It was an incomparable experience for them to experience the benefits of a private flight aboard NetJets' Cessna Citation Latitude.

Net Jets travel experience

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Hygge in the Spreewald: 7 tips for a cozy winter short trip

Hygge made in Spreewald: the Spreewald is especially cozy in the wintertime. Tips and inspiration for a winter trip to the Spreewald with a lot of Brandenburg coziness.

What is actually "Hygge?

Maybe you have already seen the word "hygge" this year, it's possible, because: the Danish trend for coziness is on everyone's lips. It is anyway already quite well known that it can be lived well in Denmark and the Danes belong to the happiest peoples of this earth. This is surely due to the talent of our Danish neighbors to make themselves comfortable inside – especially when it is cold outside and the weather is not very nice. "Hyggelig" it can be however naturally also somewhere else than in Denmark.

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Top 10 tips | What you can do in Catalonia and/or. in the province of Girona

[Advertising: Cooperation] Catalonia is the most popular vacation region in Spain. In the northeast on the border with France, most tourists are interested in one thing: visiting the second largest city in Spain and the Catalan capital Barcelona. While Barcelona and the island of Mallorca are bursting at the seams as tourist meccas, the hinterland and the Costa Brava or Costa Daurada remain comparatively quiet.

To see and to do there would be enough also outside of Barcelona, above all the province Girona has to offer a lot. One of the few regions in the world where the mountains and the sea are close to each other. The foothills of the up to 3.The 400m high and 430km long Pyrenees mountain range and the warm Mediterranean Sea are only 50km apart! A dream for all people who can not decide between mountains and sea!

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