Phu Quoc: beaches, towing service and fish sauce

We are spoiled. Spoiled by paradisiacal beaches where we bathed on our world trip. Gili Meno and Karimunjawa are hard to beat. Therefore, the island of Phu Quoc did not really knock our socks off. It is a beautiful island, where you can relax and swim, but unfortunately Phu Quoc has a garbage problem. And a construction problem. Everywhere new hotels are being built and destroy the charm of the island.

Accommodation and food on Phu Quoc

But we did not regret our trip (with the crazy journey on the moped cab). Because we had a great hotel in Duong Dong, the largest city on the island, and also found a nice beach without trash.

At the Kim Loi Hotel we spent 300.Paid 000 Dong per night (12 Euro, without breakfast) and got a great and very clean room for it. Very close to the hotel are many small restaurants and food stalls. There we were very good customers and have among other things delicious Banh Xeos (hearty Vietnamese pancakes) breakfast and rice bananas (bananas that are wrapped with sticky rice and then grilled) bought as a beach snack.

Banh Xeo Rice bananas

Long Beach

It took us about 20 minutes to walk to Long Beach. We think it is the most beautiful beach of the island. Because it is clean. It is clean, because there are many small hotel complexes along the beach, which provide sunbeds for their guests. We used these sunbeds cheekily, because there was not much going on at the beach anyway. Once we were shooed away. Then we just walked a bit further and laid down on another lounger🙂 .

Long_Beach_Phu_Quoc_travel2eat (1) Long_Beach_Phu_Quoc_travel2eat (2)

Sao Beach and An Thoi

Besides Long Beach, there is also Sao Beach, which is near the fishing village of An Thoi, and Vung Bau Beach, north of Duong Dong. To both beaches we went by moped – for 2 days we have 300.000 Dong, 12 Euro, paid. Both times we were disappointed.

Vung Bao Beach is very secluded and huge, but unfortunately there is a lot of garbage lying around – especially where the shady spots are.

Vung_Bau_Beach_Phu_quoc_travel2eat (1) Vung_Bau_Beach_Phu_quoc_travel2eat (2)

The same thing happened at Sao Beach. Despite fine white sand, we didn't even lie down there because there was just too much trash and brown puddles.

Sao_Beach_Phu_Quoc_travel2eat (3) Sao_Beach_Phu_Quoc_travel2eat (2) Sao_Beach_Phu_Quoc_travel2eat (1)

Must do: Pho Bo in An Thoi

We then drove on to An Thoi and at least this trip was worthwhile. In this small fishing village we had one of the best Pho Bos in Vietnam (noodle soup with beef flesich).

An_Thoi_Phu_Quoc_travel2eat Pho_An_Thoi_Phu_Quoc_travel2eat

Our moped was towed

Back in Duong Dong we left our moped just before the bridge to have a look around at the adjacent market. Luckily Basti had the moped in view, because after about 1 minute it was towed away.

So we ran back and told the uniformed men that this was our moped. But there was nothing to do. It was loaded and away they went.

We should run behind (very nice). With put-on smiles on our faces (getting mad is not a good idea in Asia) we then reached the police station. The men could not speak English and said something to us in Vietnamese. They probably wanted money from us.

Fortunately, a nice policewoman came and explained to us that we are not allowed to park on the street, but only on the sidewalk. We laughed with her, nodded, apologized and then she told the men to give us the moped back. Lucky you!

View from the (fateful) bridge in Duong Dong

Night market in Duong Dong

There is also a night market in Duong Dong. But it is very touristy and totally overpriced. We bought there only grilled and stuffed rice paper, which is very tasty. Barbecue shrimps we ate in a small street restaurant: 300 grams for 150.000 Dong (6 Euro).

Here is our stuffed rice paper being grilled right now


Phu Quoc fish sauce – the best in the world

Last but not least: the fish sauce. Phu Quoc is famous for its fish sauce. There are several factories on the island that you can also visit. Unfortunately, not much is explained there – at least in the factory, which is located at Duong Dong. We merely saw (and briefly supervised😉 ) the vats in which the sauce ferments away.

Fish sauce_barrels_Phu_Quoc_travel2eat (2) Fish sauce_barrels_Phu_Quoc_travel2eat (1)

Finished fish sauce

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