Playa de Muro: Heaven, hell and back again

The transition between heaven and hell at the Playa de Muro in the north of Mallorca is located at "La Santa. La Santa means "The Saint. She is a young woman with big eyes, shiny lips and long dark hair.

L inks of La Santa is heaven: fine light sand of Playa de Muro, turquoise water and a picturesque view of the Bay of Alcudia. Five and a half kilometers measures the Playa de Muro. Many consider it one of the most beautiful beaches of Mallorca. To the right of La Santa it becomes less beautiful, if one does not direct the view straight to the sea. Here at the beach one hotel is lined up to the next one. Welcome to Can Picafort in Mallorca, Spain.

Playa de Muro on Mallorca

The saint watches over the beach bar of the same name as an image. On the shady terrace you can escape the midday sun and have an excellent lunch. From the sea you can hear the sound of the waves. From loudspeakers come with discreet volume relaxed summer hits. The white furniture is made of wood and spreads a typical Spanish vacation flair. You can hardly get more Mallorca vacation feeling than here.

The wind is strong at Playa de Muro. He shakes the straw decoration attached to the roof, plays in a man's hair and throws himself against the waves. The view of Alcudia is as fantastic as the weather. Far behind on the horizon mountains stand out. On the left you can see very small the marina of Alcudia. The green spot on the right is the golf course. In the north of Mallorca there are two big bays. On the one hand the described bay of Alcudia with the Playa de Muro (also: Platja de Muro) and behind it the smaller bay of Pollenca.

The beach towards Can Picafort

We pay our bill and I am reminded of Charon the ferryman. The ancient Greeks had the idea that Charon would carry the souls of the dead to the afterlife. That is why they put a coin on the tongue of the deceased. When I pay La Santa, I remember this story. She gets not only a coin, but even a few bills, so it must actually work with the transition to the other section of the beach.

Well strengthened we set off and leave the Playa de Muro. It quickly becomes clear: No, this is certainly not a hell, which opens up in front of us. At the most a bed castle hell. The many hotels are disturbing and are built too close to each other. But the sandy beach itself is also very beautiful here.

Again and again we pass surf schools where you can rent equipment. A sign reads:

The prices are as salty as the sea: adults 35 €, children 17.50 €. Duration: about 3 hours. A map explains the tour – or at least tries to do so. It goes to the Llevant Nature Park – and hopefully back again.

How to save yourself in undercurrents?

At Playa de Muro wind and waves are extremely strong. That's why there are safety signs on the beach. In short: bathing is forbidden when the flag is red, allowed when the flag is yellow, if you are careful. There is a dangerous current here: the undercurrent. If you are caught by it, you should not fight against the current. Rather, one should "swim out of the current and toward the beach".

The sign goes on to say: "If you can't escape the current, you'll be treading water. In case of emergency call for help or draw attention to yourself with arm movements."The worst thing that can happen is that you are caught by the current and drifted out to sea. Just in case, there are lifeguards at eight vantage points along the beach. And from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Especially in the high season in August the red flag appears more often. You can hardly miss these signs.

Conclusion about Playa de Muro

All in all, the long sandy beach is wonderful to have a relaxing vacation here. Water sports enthusiasts get their money's worth. And even non-swimmers who just want to sit in one of the beach bars and enjoy the view will find nice, quiet places here.

Insider tips and hints for Playa de Muro

  • On the beach there are free public toilets, which are in a good condition.
  • There is a large parking lot in front of the beach (free of charge).
  • Along the beach there are volleyball courts and beach ball fields.
  • The Playa de Muro is barrier-free for wheelchair users.
  • The busiest months are July, August (high season) and September. In June and October the flow of visitors flattens out a bit.
  • Livecam or. Webcam from Playa de Muro is available here: Livecam
  • You can check out the current weather and weather forecast for Playa de Muro here: Weather
  • The current water temperature is displayed here: Water temperature

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