Road Trip California & California Love – The highlights and route

My photo collection for the photo parade of Michael von is this time under an American star. I drove 15 days through the Sunshine State of California on a road trip and brought back some great snapshots.

The categories of the photoparade: Abstract, View, Awesome, Landscape, Red and Animal. However, I came up with a few extra categories: Favorite Food, City Flair, Relax, World Famous Motifs, Heart's Desire and Pristine Nature.

On my road trip through California I visited some beautiful places. The starting point of my trip was San Francisco. From there I went on to Yosemite National Park and down to Los Angeles. Back to San Francisco I drove along Highway 1, along the picturesque coast of California and through Santa Cruz.

Roadtrip California – Stage 1 to San Francisco

San Francisco and the foodie scene

San Francisco Sandwich

One thing I can tell you: San Francisco is a true paradise for foodies. There are great restaurants and cafes on every corner. I was looking forward to San Francisco the most before my trip. However, I did not quite warm up to San Francisco.

Nevertheless, Frisco (that's what the locals call it) is a great town and especially a great starting point for a road trip. By the way, I wrote a food guide for San Francisco. Here you can find all my favorite dishes from the City by the Bay:

Cable Car ride – that's fun

San Francisco Cable car

Even though San Francisco is not my number one city, I was very excited about the cable cars. I thought at the beginning that these are an absolute scam only for tourists. The cable cars are used by a lot of locals though. Driving through the city in these cute little cars is really fun. Somehow this is the right and real San Francisco feeling.

Alcatraz – a prison of superlatives

California San Francisco Alcatraz

If I had to name one thing that was absolutely extraordinary and above all unusual, it was my visit to Alcatraz. Alcatraz is a disused prison in front of San Francisco. I got a lot of tips beforehand and also read a lot about how to make the Alcatraz visit extra special.

The trick was to take the first ferry and walk straight up to the prison. So we were actually the first and in the first 10 minutes practically alone inside the prison. The tour through the cell block and the outside area is led by a sensational audio guide. A unique experience.

Roadtrip California – Stage 2 to Yosemite National Park

Sunset at Tunnel View in Yosemite National Park

Yosemite Nationapark Tunnel View California

My journey continued from San Francisco to Yosemite National Park. In San Francisco I sweated like a champion at about 25° and bright sunshine. The sunshine hours in Yosemite didn't change, but the day started with sub-zero temperatures here.

My absolute highlight was the sunset at Tunnel View. I saw this one more or less by chance because I went to the national park exactly at sunset. So I was just at the right place at the right time.

Untouched nature and places to think about

California Yosemite National Park

For two days I was in Yosemite National Park and I realized that my travel time in October was an absolute off season. In many places I was alone or on some paths only with a few people on the way. I especially liked the wonderful landscape, so I passed rock formations, through forests and along rivers.

Yosemite National Park – magnificent views

California Yosemite National Park Glacier point

Before you start to panic: This is not me on the photo. I would not have dared to do this. But there were some brave people who enjoyed this view from this perspective. It was worth a photo especially because it looks so picturesque.

The Yosemite Valley – pure nature

California Yosemite Valley Merced River

And while we were on the subject of changeable, here is another beautiful landscape that is so different from all the others. This photo was taken in Yosemite Valley where the Merced River flows through the canyon. The Valley is the lowest point of the National Park and has a completely different vegetation. By the way, this is also where the notorious bears hang out.

Roadtrip California – Stage 3 to Los Angeles

Hollywood and the Walk of Fame

California Hollywood Los Angeles Walk of fame

L.A. Baby! Los Angeles was not on my plan at all. Many people said that I should not go to L.A. should drive. The city was dirty boring and super touristy. Somehow I have in Yosemite National Park but still about L.A. thought about it and figured I had to see it for myself.

Without further ado I L.A. I built the park into my route and definitely did not regret it. I am an absolute film and Oscar fan. I love to watch movies in the cinema and of course I also dare to watch older movies.

So it was a paradise for me to explore the Walk of Fame. Just beautiful and extraordinary. Between all the stars I felt (a teeny bit) like a star.

You can find many more tips in my article with many from other travel bloggers.

Los Angeles, you are wonderful!

California Hollywood Los Angeles

Los Angeles has somehow grabbed me. At every corner a scenery like in the movies or the series I watch. Of course tourism and especially countless tours to the estates of the houses of the stars are present here. But I think something like this should be seen with a wink in the eye.

Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Can it be love??

California Hollywood Universal Studios

I wished for it for a long time (a really long time). Sometime I wanted to see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. This is a part of the Universal Studios in Hollywood. Of course, I also fulfilled this dream. I sipped butterbeer, flew with hippogriffs, watched Ollivander make wands and almost got on the Hogwarts Express.

This area in Universal Studios is a must for every Harry Potter fan. Although the entrance fee to the park is a small fortune. But what the heck. As long as I'm still waiting for my letter from Hogwarts, at least I've been to Hogsmeade before.

Roadtrip California – Stage 4 over Highway 1

Highway 1 and the Bixby Bridge

Roadtrip California Highway 1 Bixby Bridge

After LA I stopped in Santa Barbara and relaxed for 2 days. Now it was time for the highlight of the road trip: A drive over the famous Highway 1. And what more can I say except: Wow. A road of superlatives and not for nothing a so called National Scenic Byway.

You can stop here at many different places. Sometimes I didn't sit in the car for 10 minutes until I had to pull over again. What I liked best was the Bixby Bridge. The epitome of the American feeling of freedom.

See elephants in San Simeon

California Highway 1 San Simeon lake elephants

By the way, I would also love to be a sea elephant. After all, the cute little guys lie on their lazy and fat skin all day long. In between we grunt or throw some sand at each other. If it becomes too warm, it goes for a small cooling into the water.

You can see hundreds of these animals in San Simeon, which is on Cabrillo Highway. This in turn merges with Highway 1.

Highway 1 and the scenic backdrops

California Highway 1 Big Sur

Again and again you come across corners on Highway 1 that seem to be from another world. It is nice that tourism does not invade here. For many walkways off Highway 1 are not accessible and ergo can not be destroyed or littered.

My other contributions to the photo parade

Road trip California with POLYGLOTT on tour

Polygott travel guide

Oh California, you have really enchanted me with your diversity. Somewhere between superlative national parks, the Golden Gate Bridge and the dream beaches on Highway One, I lost a piece of my heart.

Accompanying me on this road trip across California was the . Here you will find 15 different individual tours through the nature, the two biggest cities Los Angeles and San Francisco, as well as through the Californian hinterland to Nevada and Las Vegas.

The tours are always designed according to your needs and leave a lot of room for your own personal preferences. It is also very easy to combine here and pick the points that suit you best. In addition, in the on tour you will find important tips on travel time, wasted accommodations and also 50 things you should definitely do in California.

And now you!

Now that you have received so many impressions and recommendations from me, of course I would like to know which are your absolute favorite photos. Leave me a link in the comment, so that I can also dream and marvel a bit.

This post contains advertising for POLYGLOTT My opinion is, as always, not influenced by this. I only report about places and things that I can really recommend from the bottom of my heart.

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