Singapore Local Transport – Tips and Saving Options for Bus and MRT

Local traffic in Singapore

Perfectly developed and with the right tips and tricks, the local transport by bus, metro or MRT is perfect to discover and explore the wonderful city of Singapore with its numerous sights and hawker centers. In this article we would like to show you what savings opportunities there are, how local transport works and what to look out for when you e.g. want to travel by bus, so that you arrive at your destination.

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Most important tip – Do not be afraid!

Partly we stand in our own way! We come e.g. from Munich and the local traffic here is an absolute disaster. Way too granular split, there are different rings, short distance, long distance, single or group tickets. I am not surprised at all that foreign tourists accidentally drive black in Munich, because they simply do not understand the system. When I'm abroad, I always try to buy the right ticket and too often forget that some countries do it right and have a unified simple system. So I can't say often enough – Don't be afraid, because especially in Asian countries it is sometimes really easy and Singapore is the perfect example for this. A unified system and for tourists a pass that allows you to use everything without restrictions.

Tip – Get the Tourist Pass EZ Link

I personally love countries where it is easy to be a tourist. Singapore has created something with the Tourist Pass EZ-Link that other countries should copy immediately. The EZ Link is a ticket that you can use for a certain period of time on all public transport. You get it already at the airport completely uncomplicated at the machines. If you have any questions, the staff is ready to answer them. We were able to use the ticket everywhere without any problems and were more than enthusiastic about it. You can find all information about the ticket online at

How much is the Tourist Pass EZ Link ?

When we entered the country we knew that the EZ Link was available and we wanted to buy it directly at the airport. However, everywhere it said something about a "Tourist Pass" and at first we thought it was an entrance ticket to all the sights in Singapore. However, the Tourist Pass is the EZ Link. The EZ Link is available for 1 (6,55 EUR) ,2 (10,50 EUR) or 3 (13,10 EUR) days and there is an additional deposit of 10 Singapore Dollars, which will be refunded without any problems, if you return the card, e.g. for the first time.B. at the airport.

Advantages of EZ Link

If you want to explore Singapore, you can't avoid public transport and the EZ Link offers, within the valid days, unlimited access to all public transport in Singapore, i.e. bus, metro or bus. MRT. You don't have to buy tickets, top up credit or pay any fares. An ingenious solution, which we gladly recommend.

Riding the bus in Singapore

Our absolute favorite was the bus, although the rides took a little longer from time to time. However, the bus has a decisive advantage and that is you see something of the city and can discover something new along the way. The bus stops are spread all over the city and the route can be easily planned with Google Maps.

Attention – You have to wave

At the beginning we wondered why our bus didn't stop at the bus stop until we learned that you have to wave or. just have to raise your hand, otherwise the bus just won't stop unless someone wants to get off.

MRT / Subway in Singapore

The subway in Singapore is the alternative to the bus and especially in the rush hour we rather used the subway. The EZ Link card simply has to be held up to the card reader and you are ready to go through. The subway runs completely automatically through the city, is very clean and punctual to the minute. With the subway you can reach almost every point of the city, so it is perfect for commuting between the sights.

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