Tokyo Cherry Blossom Festival – This is why you have to go to Japan for Sakura

Hanami - Cherry Blossom Festival in Tokyo

It is one of the most beautiful festivals in Japan and attracts every year not only locals, but also millions of tourists who travel to Japan especially for the Sakura festival. The Japanese cherry blossom festival Sakura (Japanese 桜) was also our main reason to travel to Tokyo. With a lot of planning and research, we actually also managed to time our trip perfectly and arrive in Tokyo right at cherry blossom time. Today we introduce you to the cherry blossom festival in more detail and give you tips on how to get there and where in Tokyo are the most beautiful places to see the cherry blossoms.

Hanami – Viewing the cherry blossoms

Tokyo - Cherry Blossom Festival

In Japan there is even an own name for the cherry blossom with Hanami (Japanese 花見). For more than 1.For the past 000 years, the Japanese have been celebrating the first cherry blossoms and the beginning of spring across the country. Tokyoites like to dress up in traditional clothing (kimono) and take photos in temples and parks with the cherry blossoms. The sight of cherry blossom is actually very beautiful, especially in parks where there are often dozens of cherry blossoms. For us, the cherry blossom is one of the most beautiful sights in Tokyo.

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What are the most beautiful places for cherry blossom in Tokyo ?

Cherry blossom in Tokyo

Actually, there is not the most beautiful place for cherry blossom – It is simply a nationwide festival and cherry blossom can be seen everywhere in Tokyo. Nevertheless, we found Ueno Park (see Google Maps) especially nice and would like to recommend this spot to you. Ueno Park is really huge and there are a lot of cherry trees, so you can take photos in peace or just enjoy the beauty.

Cherry blossom in Ueno Park

In addition to Ueno Park, there are of course many parks, temples and shrines spread throughout the city where you can celebrate the Cherry Blossom Festival with tourists or even the Tokyo people, among them:

  • Shinjuku Gyoen – Was once an insider tip, today the park is sometimes extremely crowded. Here are especially many cherry trees. Meanwhile, you even have to pay admission for the park, so they want to reduce the number of visitors something. However, this works at the cherry blossom almost not at all.
  • Yoyogi Park – The park is located near the Meiji Shrine. However, there is only a small spot where cherry trees can be found.
  • Imperial Palace – There are many cherry trees around the Imperial Palace in Tokyo, however the place is very popular with Japanese people and therefore often completely crowded.

Cherry blossom festival in Ueno Park

Cherry blossom festival in Ueno Park

The cherry blossom festival in Ueno Park is celebrated especially big and on weekends stalls are set up, street food is sold and really thousands of visitors come to the park. There are two interesting places for photos, namely a large and wide avenue with numerous cherry blossoms and individual trees, which can be found scattered throughout the park. Ueno Park is clearly our recommendation!

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