Traveling with a dog: the best tips & Tricks

With the four-legged friend in the vacation? Why not? Dogs are social animals and like to come on vacation with the family. But there are a few things you should watch out for. How traveling with a dog becomes relaxed for all involved, we reveal.

About 42% of all dog owners take their dog with them on vacation. That shows a survey of the opinion research institute Forsa. No wonder: many hotels and accommodations accept four-legged guests as well – and numerous destinations, especially in Germany and Europe – are wonderfully suited for a trip with a dog.

Traveling with a dog: The right planning

However, it requires a little planning in advance. For example, you should ask yourself what you want your faithful friend to do? That is first of all a question of the breed. A pug on hiking vacation or a husky in the heat of Sicily verfrachten: That is anything but species-appropriate. And also a flight with dog can become quite more strenuous, than a Roadtrip. In addition, some countries have entry regulations that you should be aware of. Inform yourself also in advance about dog-friendly accommodations, dog beaches or hiking routes for dogs.

You should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are there legal entry requirements in the desired travel destination?
  • What do I have to consider on the spot when leading a dog?
  • What is the local weather like? Is this reasonable for my four-legged friend??
  • Which way to travel? Flight, train or car? Is this species-appropriate and feasible for my furry nose??
  • Are there certain viruses or parasites on site, which my dog can catch? Does my dog health insurance cover me in case of illness or do I have to upgrade it??
  • How do I spend the time on site? Can I take my dog with me everywhere or do I need supervision??

Choose the right vacation destination

Does it really have to be the long flight? Or isn't a vacation in Germany with a dog at least as wonderful?. As a dog owner you are responsible for your beloved furry friend. That means: Beside the own travel preferences one must pay attention evenly also to the needs of the dog. And should you take a long-distance trip again, it may be more sensible to leave the pelt-nose at home and give in a good care.

Especially if you are a new dog owner, it is advisable to test the travel suitability of your dog in advance. First make longer trips by car or train at the weekend. Later also times with an overnight stay in an unusual environment. This is how you can slowly get your dog used to traveling. Otherwise, such a trip with a dog can become a real stress factor for everyone involved.

Traveling with a dog: Finding the right accommodation

As already mentioned: There are now many hotels that accept the bringing of an animal guest. However, that doesn't mean that these properties are also geared toward dogs. For example, there may be regulations that your four-legged friend is not allowed in the dining room – or cannot stay alone in the room. And: Many hotels have only a limited number of dog rooms. Therefore clarify absolutely with the reservation whether capacities exist during your desire period.

Attention: If you should decide for a vacation accommodation or a house, this does not mean directly that dogs are permitted here. Some landlords are not at all happy about animal guests. Other vacation homes are specially designed for traveling with a dog. It is best to keep an eye out for such accommodation. Because then, for example, the garden is also fenced – and your furry friend can romp carefree in the greenery.

Very important: Once a health check before the trip make

Especially when it comes to the health of your dear friend, you should not make any cutbacks in advance and also not turn a blind eye. Ask yourself honestly: is the dog fit enough for the trip. A health check at the veterinary surgeon or the veterinarian is quite advisable. Here you can also go through all the important vaccinations again. Because especially in southern Europe there are all kinds of infectious diseases that are transmitted by sand flies or ticks. Therefore, consult again with your doctor and make sure that your first-aid kit is well stocked with. It applies: Rather be a little more careful. So you can travel more relaxed – and should nevertheless once on the spot a case of illness occur, remain more calmly.

The following items belong in the first-aid kit:

  • Wound spray or ointment
  • Parasite prophylaxis
  • Disinfectant
  • charcoal tablets or. Diarrhea medication
  • Ear cleaner, sterile saline solution for rinsing
  • electrolyte powder
  • Tick forceps and tweezers
  • cooling compresses, bandages, scissors
  • Means against travel sickness
  • Emergency numbers of local veterinarians
  • for short-haired dogs: Sunscreen

travel with dog tips

Traveling with a dog: What must be in the suitcase?

It depends, of course, on how the arrival on vacation with your dog. If you should decide for example for a flight journey, then it requires – depending upon size of your quadruped – certain transport boxes. Be sure to note that medium and large dogs are considered "special baggage" and must be checked in as such. This means that larger four-legged friends are not with you in the passenger compartment – but are accommodated in the cargo hold. For this purpose a separate transport container is necessary. If necessary you have to bring this yourself. Then be sure to think about a cozy blanket or dog bed in the transport container. Because in the cargo hold it can be quite cool.

If you travel by car, we recommend an appropriate transport box, a luggage net or (especially comfortable for your four-legged friend) a seat belt with a dog harness. Because according to the road traffic regulations you are obliged to secure your dog in the car.

And one more hint: If your dog has a sensitive stomach or follows a special diet, it is absolutely advisable to take the approved food with you on the trip. Because it may not be available for purchase locally in local stores.

Basic equipment for traveling with a dog:

  • Pet passport and vaccination certificate
  • Insurance documents (a copy of the insurance policy for the dog liability insurance and at best also the dog health insurance)
  • Dog leash or harness
  • Muzzle, if this is an entry regulation in the respective vacation country
  • Cuddle blanket or dog bed
  • Favorite toy
  • Favorite food and can opener
  • Water and food bowl and additionally a protection for the ground, e.g. a plastic pad
  • Dog brush, dog comb
  • Excrement bag
  • Towel to rub dry
  • a dog tag on which you can put your cell phone number and vacation address

Traveling with a dog: A short conclusion

Admit: Just go spontaneously and enjoy vacation – that is certainly not possible as a dog owner:in. Vacation with the four-legged friend requires some planning and you should consider and organize some things. But please do not let this put you off. If you have found a suitable accommodation and a nice destination, then traveling with your dog and spending time together on the spot can be quite wonderful.

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