TUI soccer experts: Nathalie Skazas, Ali Chhaib and Mehibe Hill

Our contributors Nathalie Skazas (Sweden), Ali Chahaib (Belgium) and Mehibe Hill (England) share their soccer knowledge and tell us which places in their country are worth a visit.

Nathalie Skazas: Sweden

What is your tip for tonight's game and why??
I think Sweden will win 2-1 against South Korea tonight. Why? Because we simply have to win.

Where do you prefer to watch soccer?
My favorite thing to do is to watch a show at one of my friends' houses: a big screen TV, snacks, beer and nice company.

Who will be world champion 2018?
It would be great if Sweden would become world champion 2018. Then we could finally check off our third place in the 1994 World Cup, instead of being reminded of the defeat every summer again with the hit "Nar vi graver guld i USA" …

But that would perhaps be more of a miracle than an educated guess – in this respect I would ultimately say: Germany.

What else does your country have to offer besides soccer??
The Stockholm archipelago; thousands of small islands, beautiful nature, small beaches and villages.

If you explore this area by boat, you should also treat yourself to a typical Swedish summer lunch, combining our famous meatballs with fried herring, mashed potatoes and lingonberries ("rarorda lingon").

Ali Chhaib: Belgium

What is your tip for the match Belgium : Panama tonight, and why?
3:1. Belgium is fielding a great team this year with world-class talent that is competing in the best European soccer leagues.

Where do you like to watch soccer?
I like to watch soccer together with friends in a pub, where everyone supports the "Red Devils" (our national team) together.

Who is your favorite player?
If I have to name a single player, it would definitely be Kevin De Bruyne, because he is Manchester City's best player, who plays an extremely important role in the team, and then his team became English Premier League champions this year.

Who will be world champion 2018?
Belgium, of course, thanks to our "new golden generation" with players like Kevin De Bruyne, Eden Hazard, Dries Mertens, Thibaut Courtoirs, Marouane Fellaini and Romelu Lukaku.

Are there any special traditions of watching soccer in your country?
Belgium is a country with a complicated structure. A deeply divided country with (to put it simply) a Dutch-speaking Flemish majority in the north, a French-speaking Walloon minority in the south, the officially bilingual capital Brussels and a German minority in the east of the country. But when it comes to soccer, these four groups show themselves united and support the "Red Devils" together as one country. That's why a world championship is always a unique experience.

What else does your country have to offer besides soccer??
When you come to Belgium, you have to try our great chocolate, waffles, fries and beer. Although we love our "frites" (nowhere else in the world will you find so many frites stalls in such a small space), Belgium is also known for its gastronomy. Did you know that we have as many Michelin stars per capita as the French??

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