Vacation in Puglia 2022 advice and routes

All the information you are looking for about your vacation in Puglia [updated 2022]. What is there to know for a dream vacation in Puglia?

Think about a vacation in Puglia? Good choice! In this article you will find valuable tips to better enjoy your vacation in Puglia. Let's see right now what are the best beaches and activities for a vacation in Puglia 2022.

Vacations in Puglia in 2022 are to be spent in the evocative vacation villages by the sea, near the most beautiful beaches, and also this year Puglia is ready to offer the best it has to offer to those who choose to spend their vacations in Puglia. Vacation in Puglia is still at the top of the preferences of thousands of tourists around the world and is the ideal destination for everyone. A vacation in Puglia is especially recommended for families with children, as Puglia offers miles of coastline with shallow beaches, beaches with inflatable boats for children and many other family-friendly services. All-inclusive vacation in Puglia for families and organized groups is a great way to enjoy a vacation in Puglia in complete relaxation.

Here are the best tips for your vacation in Puglia:

  • Plan well which city you will stay in
  • Choose the period in which you want to go
  • Take part in guided tours
  • Book boat excursions
  • Make food and wine experiences

Think about a vacation in Puglia? Great choice, you will not regret it! Let me give you some tips for your vacation in Puglia. Beaches, activities and what are the ideal destinations for a week.

Vacations in Puglia: recommended masseria (farmhouses) in Salento and in the main tourist areas of Puglia.

If you want to discover some of the masseries we have selected on the Adriatic and Ionian Sea, we suggest you read Masserie in Puglia

The ideal vacation in Puglia starts with choosing the city where you want to stay. This depends on what you can see, especially if you don't stop for more than a week. You should create an itinerary according to the type of vacation you are interested in.

Vacations in Puglia 2022: where to stay?

Plan well in which city you want to spend the night.

As said, it is important to plan well the city where you stay. In all the towns of Puglia there are many hotels, B&Bs or vacation homes that you can book. Our advice is to find accommodation near the places you want to visit. In this way you can easily reach the beach or the most beautiful places to visit, avoiding traffic. Puglia has excellent roads, but in some summer months traffic is heavy.

What are the best areas in Puglia for a stay?

The main areas of Puglia where we recommend you to stay are those centered on the main cities:

If you choose to stay in one of these towns, it is very easy to get around the area. The center of each city is well connected with neighboring areas. Depending on the region where you decide to stay, you can visit the nearby towns and villages.

If you prefer tranquility to busy city life, even in the most beautiful and small villages there are many hotels, accommodations, B&Bs or vacation homes. For example, you can book a vacation home in Locorotondo; or you can book a stay in a trullo in Alberobello; Or you can stay in a B&B in Polignano a Mare.

Vacations in Puglia: When to travel to Puglia?

The best months for a vacation in Puglia are: June, July and September.

During these months you will find a perfect climate that allows you to enjoy the sea and not too crowded on the streets and beaches. However, in the month of August there may be a little confusion.

Last Minute Puglia

Another good advice we can give you is to take advantage of last minute offers. Do not worry if you could not book your vacation well in advance!

Many cancel their vacation at the last moment for many reasons. For this reason, the structures offer last minute vacation deals at super low prices. If you want to know what are the last minute offers in Puglia, we suggest you to consult the Last Minute Puglia

Participate in guided tours – a practical tip for your vacation in Puglia 2022

Participating in guided tours is definitely one of the tips you should consider when on vacation in Puglia.

The first way to enjoy your vacation in Puglia is to rely on local travel guides. Puglia has a very ancient history and guided tours will help you discover the culture of the place.

You will find many guided tours to discover the history of the most beautiful cities of Puglia. Puglia has many castles and villages that are worth a visit.

Among the tips you should follow: Take boat trips

Take boat trips, especially if you are in the southernmost part of Puglia. You can rent a boat with a guide and make excursions to the caves. Starting from a southern point you can see the caves on the Ionian Sea and the Adriatic Sea.

Wine and food in Puglia: food and wine experiences to make

When you vacation in Puglia, you can't help but participate in culinary experiences. In many towns of Puglia you will find food and wine tours to taste the typical cuisine.

Puglia is famous for good food and good wine. During your vacation in Puglia you must try the typical local cuisine and taste the best Puglian wines.

Vacations in Puglia: general advice.

To get an idea of which are the most beautiful places to spend a vacation in Puglia, continue with the following articles.

Puglia beaches: 10 best Puglia beaches

10 best places to visit in Puglia

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If you want to know which flights and airlines fly to Puglia, read this article about airports for Puglia: airports in Puglia: find the nearest airport in Puglia

These are some of our best tips to follow if you want to leave on your vacation in Puglia. For more useful information about vacations in Puglia, keep following us!

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