Whisky: tips and tricks to increase the pleasure of enjoyment

Whisky is one of the most important export goods of Scotland and brands such as Glenfiddich are known worldwide and belong to the most sold varieties. The Macallan distillery in the Speyside region of Scotland even sold the highest-priced whisky bottle in the world at auction. The 60-year-old "Macallan 1926 Fine and Rare" fetched £1.5 million. at an auction.

When tasting your Scotch whisky, the glasses are also of great importance

But it does not have to be the oldest and most expensive bottling to enjoy a noble drop. Whisky is also available for normal earning people. For the aficionados among you, there is also the possibility of visiting your favorite local distilleries during a German-speaking guided whisky tour in Scotland or as part of an individual whisky tour, where you can take home a tasty souvenir. But especially now, when the Brexit has reduced the export of alcohol, the chosen goods become all the more precious. This makes the questions of storage and enjoyment all the more important.

We have compiled the most important tips for you here:

1.) The right storage of whisky

Even though the honey-colored liquid has a high alcohol content, several factors can greatly affect its taste and color. So it is recommended to store the whisky in a rather dark place, where there is no direct sunlight. The temperature is also important. Experts recommend a room temperature of around 18 degrees Celsius to ensure long-lasting enjoyment. In addition, unlike red wine, for example, the bottle should be stored upright, as a constantly damp cork can also have a negative effect on Scotch whisky. Once the bottle is opened, if the contents are less than half of the bottle, it is advised to transfer the contents to a smaller bottle, because too much air in the bottle can also affect the taste of the whisky. For serving, high-quality and sometimes beautifully decorated glass decanters are often used, which give the whiskey even more dignity and are part of the enjoyment. However, experts advise against long-term storage in the vessels, because the closure usually does not meet the requirements of proper storage.

2.) Glasses are not only beautiful, but also promote taste

Who doesn't enjoy swirling a glass and taking in the noble aroma before tasting??

But the experience with the nose is not only important for the pleasant feeling and atmosphere. Whisky glasses are specially designed so that the liquid is as close to the nose as possible, or provides an excellent aroma experience. Because as we all know, the nose eats with us and also with this alcoholic delicacy the nose is indispensable as a taste transmitter. Recommendations include the "Glencairn Glass", which was co-developed by whisky blenders from 5 of Scotland's largest distilleries.

Furthermore, the "tumbler glass", the "snifter glass" and the "copita glass" are mentioned. If you like more ice in your whisky, the "highball glass" is recommended.

3.) Ice or no ice, that is the question here

It is a very controversial question and there is no right answer. Whether someone prefers to drink his whisky without anything ("neat"), with ice ("on the rocks") or diluted with a little water, is entirely a matter of taste, because the whisky is altered by cold and water.

If you prefer to enjoy your whisky cold, it is recommended to use ice cubes or even an ice ball. But keep in mind that the melting process also changes the flavor of the whiskey. New flavors and nuances are added, while others are omitted or greatly changed. Because just a drop of water can offer a completely new experience. They say adding a few drops of water to your drink brings out new flavors and therefore a taste that would otherwise go unrecognized.

If you are only interested in cooling the drink, use so-called whisky stones made of metal or soapstone, which you put in the freezer and which do not "water down" the whisky.

But why don't you try it out for yourself?. Organize your very own whisky tasting and discover what variations your whisky is capable of and how to make it the greatest possible pleasure for you. Drink it plain and then add cold or water step by step. Do not just drink whisky. Experience the Scottish water of life in all its diversity! Because let me tell you this: Even the toughest Scots and the greatest whisky lovers and connoisseurs drink their whisky with a little water or on ice. There is no right or wrong, only the intention to increase your enjoyment as much as possible.

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