Work and Travel USA

Work and Travel USA

Work and Travel programs are a unique opportunity to experience a country and its culture up close and personal, and to combine recreation and work. The USA is a great place to spend your time abroad in the "land of opportunity" because of its diversity.

The classic work and travel program does not really exist in the USA. Unlike in Australia or Canada, those wishing to go abroad can apply for the so-called J1 Exchange Visitor Visa, which is more commonly known as the Exchange Visitor Visa in this country. With this visa it is possible for USA travelers to work on a ranch or in a summer camp. It doesn't matter if you are a student or have just graduated from high school. Participants of Work and Travel should however be at least 18 and at most 30 years old. The exchange visitor visa already mentioned requires vacationers to be able to stay and work in the U.S. for four months. Afterwards they are allowed to stay in the country for another month. However, the free time may then not be used for work.

The stay abroad in the USA is linked to some conditions. First of all, participants must have a financial budget of 1.000 US dollars and have a good command of English. In addition, a paid job should be proven in advance. By the way, the best time for a work and travel stay is between May and November, because there are many summer jobs then. If you wish, you can also use your stay abroad for an internship, which may be paid or unpaid. This internship is, however, linked to a German study place, which means that students can suspend their studies for up to twelve months in order to gain experience in the USA. Very good English skills, financial means of 1.000 US dollars per month and an internship in the States are an absolute must in this regard. In addition to airline tickets, participants must have a valid passport in order to enter the U.S.

Those planning a stay abroad in the USA have to think about a few things. When organizing, it is quite important to include an international health insurance in order to be covered in case of emergency. After all, you leave Germany for several months. In addition to an international health insurance, it is also possible for participants of Work and Travel to take out a luggage insurance, in order to protect themselves against possible theft. Since one would like to work abroad, it is quite recommendable to take along a resume written in English language. Checklists have proven themselves before the start of the trip, so that you really don't forget anything. In addition to the necessary papers, traveler's checks or credit cards, participants should also make sure they have a first-aid kit, such as band-aids or sunscreen. For electronic items, a different adapter is required, as there are three-pin sockets in the U.S.

Work and Travel does not always mean only work. The stay abroad is also for lazing around and sightseeing. Therefore, the west and east coast of the country, where the million metropolises and most popular destinations San Francisco and New York are located, are highly sought after. Sightseeing tours are almost a must here to get up close to the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz prison island, the Empire State and Chrysler Building.

Work& Travel USA Visa

Especially young people are concerned with the possibilities for their own discoveries in the world after graduation or school. The USA have of course a special charm – but probably also the strictest entry requirements in the world. Those who want to make a longer trip here need not only a normal visa, but a permit for several activities. In contrast to countries like New Zealand, Australia or Canada, a work&travel visa is needed for this purpose. It allows travelers to take up a paid job and travel around the United States.

Work and Travel USA Visa

The conditions for the Work& Travel Visa of the USA

Those who want to work in the USA must of course present some documents. In order to have any chance at all to get the designated visa, one should quickly deal with the right authorities. Contact with the consulate or embassy is important. Unlike a normal stay as a traveler, as a working traveler in the U.S. you must first identify yourself as safe. So the first thing is to prove that you really have a job available in the USA. So, these are the things to take care of before the visa can even be applied for. If the appropriate documents for a job are available, the first steps are already done. However, the United States also require a basic security for the stay in the land of opportunity. A bank statement or proof of salary payments can already help here. These are the most important points that need to be considered in contrast to another visa. In addition, of course, the most important key points apply, such as a clean record and the typical verification of identity by the authorities of the states. But what is possible with the visa at all?

The possibilities with a Work& Travel Visa

Who travels with such a visa through the states, has a special possibility. The trip can be financed directly in the USA. For this purpose it is possible to work up to 4 months of the stay in the States. The visa itself is valid for one year, which should leave enough time for your own travel plans. So a typical itinerary would look like this: After traveling to the States, you can start working in the city directly and earn a little extra money that way. After, say, a month, the next city could be the destination, where the next job is already waiting for one's employment. In between these destinations there is enough time to explore the country and thus perceive the travel factor for one's own adventures. After the expiration of the time one must report to the authority and go directly out of the country. Americans are very rigorous about visa violations. Thus, one should plan exactly what one is getting into with the trip and which stops should be part of one's route. With this visa and a few official documents one has in any case the possibility to discover the United States of America in a special way and thus to improve the language and to earn a little money.

Work& Travel USA Tips

The possibility to explore foreign countries in the time between school and the beginning of studies has attracted more and more participants in the last years. Since a stay in a foreign country requires certain financial securities, more and more people resort to the proven option Work& Travel. Instead of just spending time abroad and discovering the foreign culture, you can earn money for your own living by working here. Whoever chooses the USA as the destination for this trip should, however, consider one or two points.

Travel to the USA

To the Midlands or to the cities?

An important question around one's own trip deals with which part of the USA one actually wants to travel to. The cities of course offer their own insight into an urban subculture, which you won't find like this in Germany. Jobs can also be found here on every corner. From the help on the construction to the waiter in the scene restaurant is a lot possible. But not everyone is drawn to the cities. The heartland of the USA, i.e. the states outside the coast, do not have such a strong infrastructure. Here you should take care of the accommodation and the job early, so that you are not disappointed in the end. In general, the planning for the trip should start long before the beginning of the trip. Only those who already have a job have the chance to travel to the USA.

The conditions for the work visa in the states

Those who want to travel and work in the USA, unlike many other countries, will not be able to do so with a simple Work& Travel visa can make. The conditions for travel are strict and it is necessary to deal with the relevant formalities several months before the start of the trip. A visa must be applied for at the consulate of the USA, which allows work in the United States. Since the process for this permit has to go through a wide variety of agencies, it is so important to take care of the appropriate items. An application should therefore be made well in advance of the trip. Without a visa there is no possibility to enter the USA – the legal regulations are very strict.

Take care of the job and the accommodation in time

Around the visa it is also important to enter the USA already with a job for the first work. If you have an employer for the first few weeks, you don't have to worry about a problem with the limited visa. Afterwards one is relatively free in the organization of the journey. Usually you are allowed to stay six months within the USA and can therefore decide to travel around the country and find new jobs spontaneously. Nevertheless, it is important to plan your trip: The infrastructure in the country is much worse than in Germany, for example. Preparation, even if it's just the route through the country, should be a priority for anyone who wants to spend time here with a Work& Travel would like to spend, to the disciplines for the trip include.

Work& Travel USA Experience

The United States of America is one of the most exciting travel destinations in the whole world. Cities, romantic nature parks, huge lakes and long coasts alternate at a breathtaking pace. Many travelers spend weeks and months in the U.S. to get to know the country and its people better. But long trips and stays in foreign countries cost money. A good way to keep travel costs to a minimum and still enjoy wonderful experiences in the land of opportunity is a Work& Travel Program. The airfare alone at the beginning of their stay in the U.S. and the cost of overseas health insurance alone will require young people who want to start with Work& Travel to the USA. Basic English skills and a decent resume are also required to get a place in the program. I also had no problems to finally start a long stay in the USA within a few weeks. This is how inexpensive, exciting travel is fun!


Introductory course and first friendships with people from all over the world

After arrival in the USA there is usually an introductory course in New York. During these days, the young guests learn everything about the customs in the USA, because the people there have different cultural habits than we have in Europe. After only a short time, people move on to another city in the interior of the country or to the coasts. In vacation camps and in hotels there are enough jobs where Europeans are gladly employed. In addition to the job, which can be full-time or half-time, there is always the possibility to attend additional language courses. But quickly I also learned the English language almost perfectly. Because as soon as only English is spoken and newspapers and news are only available in English, the brain automatically switches over. English even becomes the language of one's nightly dreams. People from all over the world come together in the USA to form a large community.

Traveling from the East to the West Coast

Besides work there is a lot of time for excursions and traveling. In New York and the other metropolises throughout the country there are numerous attractions and sights to see. Not only the theaters on Broadway offer first-class theater, but also those off-Broadway are uniquely good. Zoos, parks and national monuments impress with different dimensions than in Europe. Also many vacation days offer opportunity for longer trips in the country. National Parks, Disney Land, the beaches of Florida and San Francisco and the vast prairies are waiting to be conquered by the guests. Traveling in the USA is cheap, so young people in the Work& Travel Program looking forward to many local trips. Long-distance buses, sightseeing flights and rental cars offer all kinds of mobility. Many friends for life are made from the first to the last day of the trip. I have even witnessed one or two love stories that have lived up to their promise. The USA is a perfect opportunity to have life experiences that no other country in the world can offer. Therefore, until today I am particularly happy about my participation in the meaningful work& Travel Program USA.

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